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Thread: Best diaper for college classes?

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    Default Best diaper for college classes?

    I am in college, and have only worn Underjams to class, but they rip at the sides like most of you know, and also don't hold a whole lot. The only good thing about wearing them to class, is that they can be pretty discreet.

    Do any of you have a preference to wearing a certain kind of diaper/pull-up to class? I don't want it to be big and bulky, and I want it to be pretty much silent, and still able to hold a few wettings with no leaks. I'm trying to come across something for this that works, (I really don't want people to see a buldge in the crotch or a big ass from the back). I'm not experienced with wearing public, but I want to start doing it more.

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    Any diaper is good...No one will notice a bulge unless you have people looking at your ass all the time

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    I like Attends for this, they hold a decent amount and are fairly thin. I wear them to class every once in a while and once it gets cold out no one can tell with all the layers people wear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    Any diaper is good...No one will notice a bulge unless you have people looking at your ass all the time
    Yeah, and some of them spank me for a joke. I know any diaper might work for you, but I know enough to say that not every diaper is discreet like you might think it is. I'm wearing a secure x-plus right now under my jeans for the first time, and it makes my ass like twice as big.

    Quote Originally Posted by jayschares View Post
    once it gets cold out no one can tell with all the layers people wear.
    And I live in Minnesota too, and we've already got snow, but throughout the winter, people don't wear more than one layer for pants. It's not like we wear snowpants around. The layers are honestly the same kind of trouble people have to worry about in Florida.

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    Butterfly Mage


    The thinner Molicare diapers are great (they have "super" and "super plus", and The "super" is thin while The "super plus" is very thick"). This thin version holds more than Attends and is very discrete.

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    Companies like Molicare, Tena, Abena (Abriform) etc. do indeed make diapers with a lower absorbency rating that are (obviously) thinner and less obvious. I'd say your best bet would be to try some of those.

    First, however, you should start discouraging your friends from slapping your ass randomly. Surely, that can be done easy by getting angry when they do it. Once you've established that you don't want your ass touched, you can wear more easily and with less worry of discovery.


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    I would suggest goodnites. I know they aren't perfect, but I don't think they have as much trouble with sides ripping as UJ's do, and the absorbency is pretty good so long as you don't wet too fast. I used to be able to get in one big wetting (again, let it out sloooooowly) or two or three smaller ones.

    And I know what you mean about it being discreet. I don't care what people say, diapers can be quite noticeable under jeans. A friend of mine used to wear Attends and even I couldn't really tell, so you might give those a try. But I don't think anything can compare with the goodnites for discreetness.

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    I think the Walgreens generic brief might be perfect for you. It is relatively thin, clings close to the curves of your gluteus maximous quite nicely. It is cloth backed so NO crinkle whatsoever. The tapes are velcro and can be adjusted easily and quickly with relatively little noise if needed. They are also quite absorbent and hold odor well, in my experience (i.e., you won't smell like a wet diaper).

    They are also really cheap! I think normally they are 9.99 for 20 of the medium size, but they're usually on sale for anything from 5.99 to 8.99 a pack.

    Hope this helps!!

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    I have worn the Serenity underwear under pretty much everything and found it to be comfortable and completely discreet. The one thing I would warn of is that the soaker pad is a little low, so if using, definately make sure you are "positioned", and don't flood it. Otherwise, an excellent option!

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    Ownage, you should try Tena Ultra's. They are a white, cloth backed, medium absorbancy diaper with velcro closures. They are very quiet and I like to wear them when I go out. They should be easy for you to find since a lot of drug stores carry them.

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