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Thread: Suggestion for new users or how to wear and enjoy peeing in public

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    Default Suggestion for new users or how to wear and enjoy peeing in public

    First I do firmly believe that most people do not notice if your wearing a diaper or not. I guess some have had reactions (mainly due to the diaper being seen poking out of shirt or pants) but for me I have never even gotten the slightest hint in look or glance by anyone when wearing in public. I also layer so my diaper wearing is quite bulky (especially when fully wet).

    So for new users or old ones - just do not worry about it - do wear black pants or slacks incase of leaks. Do not wear a short tailed shirt so that when you bend over the diaper shows. Personally I do not think that most people you meet in public want to see your diaper - that is your head trip not theirs.

    Most people will assume in glancing at your butt that you just have a big butt and that is all, not that your wearing a diaper.

    The trick in enjoying wearing and peeing in public is to enjoy the flow. Yes some do enjoy flooding and that can be fun at times. However I have found that constant feeling of leaking and when you do feel the urge to just let it flow is even better (feeling wise) than the flooding. This does have its advantages. First of all you can totally fill a diaper by just letting it flow instead of flooding. The diaper will be able to absorbe the pee if it is not over taxed. Second you get to enjoy that feeling of the pee flowing out of you. I do find that sensation of the pee flowing out of the urethra, and especially when it is just dripping out constantly to be not only a great feeling but a constant sexual stimulation. This is not to say you go around aroused all day but it is as if you had somone just gently licking you and keeping you wet.

    I also find that the main thick to total enjoyment is doing what is necessary to really feel your not going to leak - the kitchen garbage bag and plastic pants is the way to go in acheiving this. The bag acts like bloomers and the pants adds that additional mental safety feeling.

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    I had issues with being confident wetting in public, having a high quality diaper and a pair of plastic pants really helped me get over this. Wearing cheap diapers like depends or drug store brands, or even some of the cheaper ones online just would scare me too much and I had at least one accident at work in one of these diapers, but it was at the end of the day, so I was able to get home to change easily enough. I wear pretty much 24/7 with plastic pants and don't really have much issue anymore with this, I rarely use the potty, I change every day at lunch time. Most of the better diapers are a bit thicker, so I wear a little bit larger size pants since my underwear wardrobe changed to accommodate the diapers.

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    One big issue in addition to what you're wearing is to change before you overfill the things. If you feel wet with most diapers, you're going to leak.

    I've had one really bad leak where I cared I just hustled home. Normally I don't worry about it.

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    That is true, the wetter the diaper, the more likely you will leak. Especially if you combine that with sitting down, it often squeezes the urine out of the absorption material. You might be able to survive if you are just walking or standing around, but the moment you get into your car, its over with. I think it is eddie bauer that makes this thing especially for seats in a car, it's saved me a few times.

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    my incontinence problems started as I became severely ill (was only nocturnal enuresis originally due to strong sedatives because of my sleep disorder), as it gradually gotten worse so I wore them 24/7 as a precaution after I couldn't make it to the toilet on a few occasions. Then when it become a big problem I was more at ease and calm when accidents happened.

    so my advise is start wearing re-fasternable diapers 24/7 and undo one side to use the toilet if you can, and then refasten it. (This will increase your confidence wearing in public like normal underwear)

    Wear long tops/ shirts that don't ride up your back to show your diaper and/ or wear long shorts or boxers over it.
    (or if you have one, a trench coat it perfect to conceal everything)

    And in terms of wetting...
    Always adjust you diaper to prevent leaks when possible if you need to.

    wear black jeans in case of leaks so it wont be visible...
    and if you have a leak get to the first disabled or private bathroom with a blow-dryer whip them off and dry them or take a spare pair of pants/trousers/bottoms e.c.t. to change into.

    If you have no incontinence problems then start wetting your diaper in restrooms to cure your fear of leaks and other anxieties.

    by following these suggestions you should over a short time have no problem with wetting in public, or being wet in public

    hope this helps you =]

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    I agree with the sitting down part. On every vacation I have been on since 2010, I have diapered myself. Most recently to New York City and Washington, DC. I find that especially while driving you have to be very careful not to over-fill, because it will pool around your rear end. Luckily, both of my vehicles (I have two 2008 Kia Sedona EX minivans) have heated leather seats - and being minivans, they work great for road trips - and being my vehicles, I always drive. I have had to crank up the seat warmer to dry my pants off a couple of times. Being on vacation with my family - who does not know I'm wearing diapers - makes this situation even more tricky.
    You offer some very good tips, but I don't know about the garbage bag....that seems a little bit crinkly, and possibly hot and uncomfortable - especially in the summer! I find "Family" restrooms work great for changing when out in public. Otherwise, the handicapped stall is another (albeit less desirable) option.
    I doubt this would work for standard adult diapers, but I wear 4T-5T Pull-Ups as my regular diaper, along with a modified pair of 3T cloth training pants to catch leaks....and I take a couple of baby wipes in a sandwich bag, stick them inside a fresh Pull-Up, and put it in between the Pull-Up I'm wearing and the training pants. That way, I always have a change with me. Prior to this, I hadn't figured out how to change when out in public - so I leaked a lot more. Now that I have been doing this, I am a lot more comfortable wearing in public. I wore like this in NYC and walked probably at least 6 miles over two days - and all the walking we did in WDC over 2 days - and I was not a bit uncomfortable the whole time. My question to users of actual adult diapers is how do you bring a change with you when you know you will be away all day? My situation works because I'm satisfied with my Pull-Ups, but doing the same thing with an adult diaper would no doubt be overly bulky.....

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