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Thread: anyone used this website?

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    Default anyone used this website?

    Has anyone used this website before? It looks like it has a lot of great stuff..

    They have a lot of things on there!

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    It depend what do you mean?

    Yes the have lots of nice diapers.

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    yup, used it lots in the last year, even shipping to the US, its about the only way I can get my favorite support onsies anymore since Abena quit making em. Cheaper too, even after shipping and customs. order via UPS and usually takes only a few days. Since DHL no longer operates in the US, it'll take a week or more, and show up in the mail

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    Hey Mazza,

    As a fellow fellow South Aussie, I think I can help you out here. or save express as it is more commonly known as is a massive supplier of incontinence products in the Germany. They ship all over the world including Australia.

    I have placed probably around 10 orders with them, all have been discreetly delivered successfully. The first few times my order took a month to get here, sometimes more. Recently Australia Post has taken over the contract to deliver all DHL parcels, meaning that all my more recent orders have been delivered in around 2 weeks. You will be able to track your parcel the entire way via the tracking details that will be sent.

    I have ordered pacis, diapers and clothing from them. If you are looking at the massive number of diapers they sell and are feeling a bit overwhelmed, I can totally recommend these:

    NEU Kolibri Comslip plus Gr. M , weiss, FOLIE , ,15er Packung | Kolibri Slip Packung/bag | Kolibri Slips / Pants | Windeln+Pants -diapers | Inkontinenz Einweg-disposable | Save Express GmbH

    Forma-care X-PLUS Slip Gr.M , Nacht , blau,,(IT) 18er Packung | Forma-care Slip Packung/bag | Forma-care Windeln | Windeln+Pants -diapers | Inkontinenz Einweg-disposable | Save Express GmbH

    They sell diapers individually too (min 2 per type). So you can order a heap of different types to see what you like best.

    I have ordered a pack of their new Delicare Slip Super Plus Medium. Can't wait to try them!!

    Shipping is going to cost you, no doubt. If your order is a reasonable size though, you will still find it comparable to buying diapers here in Australia. If you add some good quality/low cost diapers like these:

    Tena Basic Slip Super 6.5 Tropfen ,medium ,weiss , ,30er Packung | Tena Slip Packung/bag | Tena Slips/Pants | Windeln+Pants -diapers | Inkontinenz Einweg-disposable | Save Express GmbH

    you will find that the dollar cost per diaper is pretty good. Oh and when you add your shipping details in the prices on the site become cheaper (because you won't pay their tax, VAT I think).

    Anyway, I hope this helps! Happy shopping!!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Probably stating the obvious but you will need a translator in your browser, unless you speak fluent German...

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    chrome automatically translates pages
    Thanks for the information.
    I'm also overwhelmed by their clothing choices! they have so many things that looks amazing!

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