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Thread: Hi everyone! I'm new:)

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    Red face Hi everyone! I'm new:)

    Hi! I'm LolitaBunny. I've seen this website and browsed it a bit and it keeps popping up, so I decided to be brave enough to sign up. Not so sure why I was nervous but anyway, on to more important things! So, though I'm here, I actually don't like diapers. To each, his own, you know? Just not my thing, but what draws me here is I do have a tendency to regress though and I thought this site would help me out. I've always been childlike and the youngest among my friends and I was always babied so this just feels..natural to me. When I was about 6, I had a pacifier that I used to play with with my dolls and I remember wanting to suck on it but didn't want to feel weird. I'm glad I found this website because though I have told a few, very few people in my life about what I want/desire I still feel like..something's missing because I don't have anyone I can talk to that has the same feelings I do. When I feel little, I think I may be somewhere between like the 3/4 to maybe 6 age range but I'm not sure (even though I've always felt it in me, I'm pretty new to all of this!). Like I said, I hope this site will help me figure that out! Anyway I like pacifiers and sippy cups (I want a hello kitty one) and donuts with chocolate
    Before I even knew about any of this, I've always had childlike interests haha, like I could sit and watch cartoons all day long if I could. My favorites are Looney Tunes, Popeye and I like Nicktoons. I loveee to write and I read everything I can get my hands on! So, because of that, I've tried writing all types of genres but my favorite is probably drama. I've even tried erotica. That was hilarious! Anyway, I love to dance. Mostly hip hop but I want to take ballet at some point. I'm extremelyyy girly and pink and rhinestones and tulle and fluff will capture my attention without fail! I love to watch Disney movies but I like the older ones better than the new ones. My favorite Disney princess is Tiana because she's just awesome! I do alot of crafts and things, which if anyone here really likes it too, I hope to talk to you! I make bows and all sorts of things and it'd be cool to share ideas here! I also love to learn about everything. I'm very curios about the world around me so I know random facts that it seems most people don't lol. I spend alot of time drawing. I draw chibis alot since I love anime and manga. I'm due to start school in the Fall and I'm very excited about that but a little scared too! Also, I'm a type 1 diabetic and have been since I was 10 (so for ten years now). Is there anyone here who also is? I'd like to talk to some people who are! That'd be cool
    But anyway, I hope my introduction wasn't too long or boring and stuff since I can get a tad carried away I hope to meet cool peoples here and stuff. I think this will be fun! So all that being said...sup?

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    Glad you joined the site! Everyone has their own spin on how much they enjoy this kink so whatever works for you

    =LolitaBunny;1059356I've tried writing all types of genres but my favorite is probably drama. I've even tried erotica. That was hilarious!
    That seems really interesting. Have you thought about writing some stories specified toward regression at all? While the website is typically PG13 that seems really like an interesting experience writing that. Unfortunately I don't watch too much anime, but you seem like a person who really can help contribute to the community. Welcome!

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    Aww thanks!^_^ And I have tried that type of story before, in fact I'm working on it now but I still have no idea what to do with it as far as the storyline. All I know so far is that the main character is a 21 year old girl and she ends up in a love triangle Anyway, thanks for welcoming me!

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    Hi and welcome. There are a lot of great people in this community and now there is one more. I hope you find the answers you are looking for. Don't be shy about posting, we don't bite

    See you around the site and again, welcome!


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