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Thread: CHEESE: name your favorite!

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    Exclamation CHEESE: name your favorite!

    I freaking love cheese, so take a second and type your favorite type.
    This is for a government-sponsored "citizen surveillance" program, so don't be shy :-)

    I'll start by declaring Pepperjack is supreme.

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    Probably Colby, but I like blue cheese a lot too, and Gouda's good, and there's another fancy kind I can't remember the name of....

    I guess I really like cheese

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    Quote Originally Posted by zipperless View Post
    Ricotta in a nice lasagna!
    This man speaks truth!

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    Thank you (whomever) for the Rep point but you need to give a reason when you give it. Unfoortunately, It's a little different than the thumbs up in Facebook.

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    Nothing beats well aged Gruyere for me. The flavor and sharpness are fantastic! ^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuyuhanabira View Post
    Nothing beats well aged Gruyere for me. The flavor and sharpness are fantastic! ^_^
    Oooh, yeah! Gruyere is one of my favourites!

    But then... I also really like Cornish Brie, Comte, Halloumi, Havarti, Yarg, Stilton, Emmental and well-aged Red Leicester. And not once in my life have I seen a cheeseboard without a nice bit of Cheddar! How can I pick just one?! They're all sooooooooo delicious!

    Who's up for a fondue?!

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    Tied between smoked gouda and pepper jack. Though my favorite unofficial kind is an unnamed variation of queso from the local "authentic" mexican restaurant.
    I absolutely love cheese in just about any form, but there is nothing like a good plate of nachos with queso...or cheez-its.
    I can burn through a box of cheezits in one sitting!

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