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Thread: What is more important for a AB?

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    Exclamation What is more important for a AB?

    baby bottle, pacifier, crib, diapers or all that?

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    From my own experience there isn't any ONE important thing for all AB's, it depends from person to person.

    Like myself, as long as I am able to have my paci, my teddy, my bottle and the feelings that come with an AB, I'll be happy.

    Yeah, sure, I'll wanna wear/use diapers and other AB things at some point, I'm just content with what I have nows

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    I doubt your going to get a specific answer here...

    It's like asking what is your favorite color, sports hero, car, airplane, or book...

    To each his own!

    To me, I have to wear diapers anyhow, and well, a onesie does what's it is supposed to do...keep it from sagging...

    As for other favorite is my footie pjs...

    Just thought I'd chime in!


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    I find this response works for a wide variety of questions:

    Quote Originally Posted by Conan the Barbarian
    To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

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    Agreed with Trevor. It's not really about objects, per say. While diapers, pacifiers, my teddy bear, et cetera amplify the experience, it's all about mind-space, really. if you can get into the right head of things, all the other bits sort of become entirely secondary.

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    Like as said before, there isn't a real specific answer for everyone as a group. As for me though, it would be my stuffed Tiger, then a diaper, then a bottle, then a paci, then everything else.

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    baby bottle, pacifier, diapers or all that? Yes, this

    Crib & clothes ??? Why ??? Why and for what ???

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    The thing that makes you feel the smallest and safest. For me its my blanket and a diaper.

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    Personally, I think the diaper is the most important. You can sleep in a crib with a pacifier, but without the diaper you can't really be a baby. The diaper is the very foundation of being a baby, even an adult baby.

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    It is all in the mind, how you enable regression, how....oh's the diapers!

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