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Thread: Anyone on deviantart as well?

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    Default Anyone on deviantart as well?

    Just like the title says-- whose on deviant art and what kind of art do you enjoy doing? Have you revealed yourself as a DL/AB by having a gallery of diaper art or do you keep it under cover with posting anything besides diaper art.

    I myself browse the DL/AB art sometimes but I never have drawn anything related to it.

    Maybe this isn't as "Off Topic" as I originally planned. If administrators need to move it, please do.

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    I don't have a deviantart, need to rectify that soon.

    Although I have seen some really interesting AB/DL art on some groups. Their interesting to be quite honest and I've been thinking of getting some ideas from them.

    My favorite has to be an ongoing comic called "Unwanted Care", it's an interesting premise with a plot that seems to be going somewhere even more interesting, now if only it could update more often.

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