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    So I am back home for the summer from college and do not know what to do. I had just started kinda accepting my DL side when I was away and had finally started wearing diapers. Although I did not wear that often, I always had a stash and was able to put one on for a little bit given my roommate was not around. Now that I am back home for 4 months I dont know what I am going to do. I am not able to buy or wear And feel like I might go nuts. Any advice on how to handle this?

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    I live with people who dont know and i dont want them knowing. I wait for the opportunities when i am alone in the house for a while and because i cannot buy diapers either, i make them and use them. Are you sure you wouldn't be alone at all?

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    Not at all. Either my mom or brother would always be home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by footballguy1292 View Post
    Not at all. Either my mom or brother would always be home.
    In that case can you do it in the privacy of your room? Or pretend to take a shower and do it in the bathroom.

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    As well wearing more often will make you more comfortable around other people. Choose a good discrete diaper. Abena M3/L3 cloth style are thin, absorbent, and if you wear underwear over them silent. I have worn around my wife who knows about my fetish and 90% of the time she cant tell im wearing. I have worn around her family and no one was the wiser. Roll the dice you'll be surprised what people don't notice.

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    Warning: do not wear under PJ pants >_> no matter how quiet they are... it will make your butt look suspicious. I almost got caught by my mom once because i decided to wear a bambino under my PJ pants and it made my butt look slightly poofy and i RAN upstairs to change out of it as if i heard my phone ringing lol

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    Yes proper clothing is a must... overnights are good parents shouldn't be bothering you once you have went to bed.

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    I dont think wearing is an option. No real privacy, or way to get them, or hide them if I did. At this point just trying to figure out how not to go crazy about it for the summer. As I said in my original post, I didnt wear often but at least had them if i wanted to. Now I dont even have that option

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