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Thread: can you wet while walking?

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    Default can you wet while walking?

    I have tried a few times and failed. It seems impossible to me. I just cant get the flow going and keep it going while I am walking. Any ideas?

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    It takes practice really :P i think the reason you cant keep going is because its a scary idea to walk and wet due to the fear of leaking. But honestly the hardest part is being able to initially let go and then the 2nd hardest part is keeping yourself from holding it again :P But the only idea i can possible offer is either A) Practice or B)Drink to the point where you really have to go that way when you do release, it will be more difficult to stop it, and as you are realizing this it wont matter because your goal will be fulfilled though with action B, I would recommend wearing a thirsty diaper and not a thin one >_> that can end badly lol

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    I can wet, running, walking ,sitting, basically anytime. I have a very hard time holding it. I have an over active bladder and urge incontinence. Can be frustrating, but thankfully I love my diapers! To answer your question it's all about relaxing the muscles. If you don't have incontinence issues it will take practice.

    Quote Originally Posted by mistyrain View Post
    I have tried a few times and failed. It seems impossible to me. I just cant get the flow going and keep it going while I am walking. Any ideas?

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    I can a little but I can't go while I am walking. I also can't go as I am walking normal. I have to walk slowly and I am taking steps as I pee. This took practice. I never practice it much because I never feel I have to go until I am standing so I go. Sometimes I feel the sudden urge when I sit on the sofa in my room and I go.

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    When I'm out and about I usally dribble while I walk but if I stop such as at a traffic light the pee comes out slow. But I can pee in any position but don't worry about leaking.
    If your not IC it does take practice too pee while walking.

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    I find it quite easy, although I never used to be able to do it. It's not about trying to force it out... the trick is to just relax...

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    I've tried a few times, but for some reason I never can.

    For me, being able to wet inconspiculously while walking would be great, as I'm often wearing around my eagle eyed family. Having to stop and stand still before trying to pee may not be that telling as far as my family noticing goes...but for me that's one possibilty I'd rather avoid entirely if possible.

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    I'm IC and I sometimes dribble a little when walking but not very much, until I stand still again.

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    I can in the morning if I've been diapered all night. I get up and I have to take the dog out. She goes and so do I. Like others have said, it hinges on frequency. The more you wear and wet your diapers, the easier it becomes.

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