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    I had a friend that told me that I couldn't be taken seriously as a professional if I was in diapers and though they are not much of a friend now I wonder what people think about that. I think objectively it shouldn't matter, but what does everyone think. Would knowing someone in a professional setting wears diapers change the general perception of that person?

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    No doubt. However, even assuming anyone found out about your 'alternative underwear', most would just assume you have a medical condition which requires them, and would (hopefully) try and not let that affect professional relationships with you, lest the Americans with Disabilities Act take a giant shit on their careers.

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    So, while it's certainly the case that adult diapers are a tool for dealing with a medical condition, it's probably worth pointing out that most of us don't have that corresponding medical condition. Now, your coworkers probably wouldn't (and probably shouldn't) concern themselves with the reason for your diaper wearing, however the fact that you're worried about wearing diapers to work when you don't have a medical need could be a sign that you are preoccupied, or have a general tendency to bring your personal life to work with you in a distracting way. That can be very career-limiting! There are no laws to save you from yourself when it comes to sabotaging your own career.

    Best bet: If you don't have a medical need for diapers, don't bring them to work. Mixing work and play like this is a sign of bigger, more general problems with work ethic, in my opinion.

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    I feel like if your are wearing diapers for pleasure then you shouldn't do it in a professional setting. I think those two things should be separate.

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    I see this as depending on the person and circumstance rather than fitting under a hard and fast rule. I have made posts in the past in which I stated that wearing diapers would be too distracting for me at work. At the time, I think I was correct. Over time, I have gotten to a different place with my wearing, and while it is still fun, it isn't an ongoing distraction. I don't set out to wear to work but if I am in a mode of wearing, I am much less likely to stop just because of work. It is more dependent on other factors, such as what I'm going to be doing, what I'm wearing, and whether I have a diaper that is sufficiently discreet for the occasion.

    Specifically to the OP's question: if you need them or wish to present as if you do, only small-minded people would have a problem. If it's known as recreational, it is equally harmless, but I think you'll encounter far more resistance. Just an unfortunate fact of life, so plan accordingly.

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    I wonder what are their thoughts about an incontinent person being a professional?

    A diaper is just a diaper and they are my underwear and it doesn't change me as a person. I am still the same person, with and without. Only thing I do in public with them is go potty in them.

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    As a professional myself who deals with incontinence, I can say that you can still be taken quite seriously while diapered. After all, it is a matter of how it affects your work. A good way to think about it is to use something other than diapers to see if it would be an issue. Say you are into S&M instead, would wearing a piece of S&M gear hidden under your normal work clothes affect the way you do your job? Is it going to be something that will be out and about for others to see? Part of being a professional is making sure personal matters do not interfere with your ability to do your job, and this falls under that.

    Odds are you are not going to be broadcasting to everybody that you have a diaper on under your clothes, so how they know about it and whether or not it changes their professional opinion of you should not be an issue.

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    I have severe urge incontinence that developed as the result of a medical misadventure when I was 14 years old. I'm 70 now. Although I'm retired now, I was a moderately high profile professional and had a quite successful career. I wasnt a "star" in my field, but i was well known. My need to wear a diaper was a nuisance, but I don't think it had any impact on my career. My incontinence has never been something that I discussed with anyone who didn't have a reason to know about it, and I don't think that more than a tiny handful of people ever found our accidentally. However, in my case, it was always a medical issue.

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    Yeah I was just wondering in general as more of an objective question rather than implying myself.

    I have worn to work for prolonged periods of time. I didn't discuss or disclose it while managing to be discreet and respectful at the same time. Honestly I think it has more to do with how the person carries their self than the physical item. When wearing at work it isn't about play though I can't rule out a limited amount of comfort. Mainly it was an adventure in seeing what it would be like to be in diapers wherever I was. Would I want to do it in the future, I wouldn't mind though it isn't play its work and it is just an item of clothing you work with.

    As for the original question I was asking how diapers and being a professional incontinent or otherwise would affect others opinions? For the most part I think its the persons value they brings with them that adds a great deal of credibility and by being discreet, even if it were noticed, the value in a professional setting is the worth and the work someone brings with them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dlninja View Post
    Honestly I think it has more to do with how the person carries their self than the physical item.... For the most part I think its the persons value they brings with them that adds a great deal of credibility and by being a discreet even if it were noticed the value in a professional setting is the value and work someone brings with them.
    I agree with you that a person's self confidence and skill in a particular field carries much more weight than what he/she is wearing underneath his/her pants. I've been a top performer in my company, despite the diapers. I've always been extremely discreet, especially in a professional setting.

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