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    I was just wondering if other people here have any difficulties finding other people or making friends. I live in Alaska currently and always feel like an outcast. I have some friends but have a very hard time making them and feel alone a lot of the time. I may come across a bit weird or odd in public and don't catch onto social mannerisms at all. I guess I really want to eventually find a boyfriend and friends and it is horribly hard for me. I guess I have a hard time finding a community I can go where I feel like I belong.

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    I have a feeling that quite a few people here are here specifically because they were looking for a community to belong within.

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    Yeah but for me its hard because the online world can be sooo lonely if we never see anyone in person @[email protected]

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    It really depends on the mood I'm in. Sometimes I may be shy and feel there's a brick wall I have to climb before I can talk to someone new and other times I'm a social butterfly.

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    I am a very shy person outside of this community. Also i just moved to a new city so i dont have any friends here. Its just me and my boyfriend.

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    Just remember, just because you can't see/touch online friends doesn't meant they are any less real. Making friends in a new place is always hard. Give it time.

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