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Thread: The meaning of life... in one line.

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    Question The meaning of life... in one line.

    With all these deep and meaningful threads about the nature of reality and the meaning of life... I was wondering, if we had to, whether we could all distil our interpretation of the meaning of life into a single word, or sentence, or brief aphorism of some sort. Would everyone give the same answer?

    No essays, no explanations, just: briefly, what is the meaning of life (to you)?

    I don't know if anyone could disagree, but for me, it's...:

    Love (human friendships, relationships, interactions, experiences, etc.)

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    gaining the requisite experience to become......

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    There is no single definition of the meaning of life

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    To be happy, healthy and have fun.

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    Always be on the right side of life.... Monty Python.

    Mary Beth

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    I agree Love can sum it up or even Live lol I mean simply Loving may live life to its fullest. I suppose the meaning of life is whatever we want it to be.

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