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Thread: The Competitions.

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    Cool The Competitions.

    I typically try to avoid new threads because they seem to stay very inactive and repetitive but oh well. You'll have to get over it for now. :P
    So here's what I'm looking for. Abena, bambino and molicare are actually similar prices per diaper if you price shop. so I'm looking at getting some of whatever people recommend. Which, in your opinion, is worth getting? The only things I have to say is I want plastic-backed, great capacity and less than $1.30 per diaper. (goodbye, dry 24/7 :P)
    Please give me your opinions on any and all you can. It will be greatly appreciated and all comments will be taken into consideration.

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    The ones with the best plasticy plastic is bambino, Abenas and molicares have the very thin and quiet plastic that is almost like serran wrap. Plus bambinos look babyish xD! They have great capacity and stay dry after wettings, though Abena is better at doing this. I was never a fan of molicares :P Tried them at many different points in my life but i just never liked them. OH, and Bambinos swell up real nice XD

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    Well I've tried everything but the molicares and it's "that time" again so i figured since they are similar in price it might be worth it to see if i should try them.
    I know what you mean about the plastic. I like the bambinos a LOT there. and the swelling :P
    I do think thats what I'm going to get, though. I haven't seen much good with the molicares and I'm getting tired of abena. it's fun to switch it up. i don't think I've ever tried the plastic m4, only the m3.
    Thanks for your help, Zooey

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    Bambinos are awesome. They are my Favorite nappy this week, and easily the most comfortable and fun nappy to wear =^.^=

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