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    Hello I'm Pauly, I'm from Minnesota, USA. I first realized i was "Different" when i was oh i guess maybe 10 or 12. figured out it was Called AB/DL when i was 17. I never told anyone til i was 22 or so... I told my Grandmother(bad idea) LOL, my 2nd cousin, she said it was ok but she acted different towards ever since. then i told my BFF when i was 24 she took it great, even helped me play little sometimes. then my now ex-wife(recently Divorced) she participated but hated it and made me stop and pretend my feelings were gone. I'm disabled in wheelchair and on vent. I "Came out" to one of my night Nurses and my PCA(personal Care Attendant) they both are great about it, PCA bought me a Pacifier and her and the Nurse let me use it when they are here. I think I'm at my happiest point with who I am. I hope to make lotsa Friends here.
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    Why don't you post a bit more and try to get to know the people on here before asking about posting your address...

    That looks quite suspicious, even a bit more to some.

    So, chime in on your thoughts on the posts and after a bit I'm sure you will find plenty of friends...

    This isn't a hookup site, so join in in conversations and get to know others as well...


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