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Thread: Tried "Proper" Adult Diapers again...still don't like them!

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    Default Tried "Proper" Adult Diapers again...still don't like them!

    So, since I have been more active on ADISC, I noticed most people here seem to be pretty content with their Adult Diapers. I have tried them in the past and didn't like them, so I have stuck with baby diapers and toddler pull-ups. Well, I figured I'd give adult diapers another shot, so I ordered a pack of 40 Walgreens Certainty Medium online. I received them today, and after wearing a couple, have come to some conclusions.
    The Good:
    They are absorbent. Much more than I'm used to.
    They seem pretty leak proof.
    They are easy to put on and adjust.
    Plenty of room for my manhood.
    The Bad:
    They just have a "medical" feel to them. Wearing them I feel like I need to reach for the Geritol and grab a walker. I feel like a nursing home patient counting down his days. I think this is the main mental block I can't get past with adult diapers.
    They ride up too high. They bother the skin where they rub near my belly button when I move around. Forget hiding them under pants or underwear. They are also noisy - I'm not going to be able to wear these around people.
    They feel too "loose". I'm used to the tight feeling of a Pampers or Pull-Ups, and prefer where they ride.
    They are so massive. A used one takes up about as much space as three used Cruisers.
    I don't care for the 4 fastening tape idea.
    The smell - wet and dry - downright stinks. Mixing it with the smell of powder is almost worse.
    Overall, I'm going to stick with baby diapers once these are gone. I figured I might as well give adult diapers another try, but I just can't stand how high they ride up and how they fit. I'm in a Cruiser right now, and it is SOOO much better!!

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    With the exception of AB/DL diapers, adult disposables are intolerably "medical" for me as well. I also loath the four- and six-tape designs. All those extra tapes are just a cheap alternative to the big elastic wings you see on baby diapers -- a way to let you conform the diaper to the shape of your body in the absence of material that conforms itself to the shape of your body. Eventually (hopefully!) Bambino or another reputable AB/DL diaper company will take an honest stab at replicating a modern baby diaper in adult sizes. That would be fantastic.

    Although, even then, I can't be sure I'd ditch the Pampers. They've been with me for too long, ill-fitting though they are.

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    I've been wearing Walgreens brand for a while now. It's not even the cost that attracts me, but the comfort and absorbency. And they only have 2 tapes as opposed to other brands. And I could even cut one layer off and make it a one tape if I wanted to (I've done it before and its no big deal).

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    Try Attends small. I'm a typical medium, but those are SUPER snug and just barely fit. They are very low rise, blue, and really enhance frontal support and tight butt :-) they are like big baby diapers. (I am a 33" waist)

    - - - Updated - - -

    And Walgreens briefs suck :-\ At least go for CVS

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    You know, I never even thought of CVS. Probably because they don't exist where I live in northern Michigan. It's 45 minutes to a freaking Walmart where I live. We're lucky to have a Walgreens! The Rite-Aid in town still has Pampers from 2008. I've got to get there and buy those up before they're gone, come to think of it. I love the interior mesh in the 2005-2009 Cruisers.

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    All I can say is that I started by wearing goodnites because baby diapers wouldn't fit me.

    Depends when they were still green and then I got into Attends. Those diapers I always liked but they leaked a lot (I kinda like to use my diaper to its limit)

    Eventually as I got older and by my luck the internet was maturing right along with me I found online ordering. It opened me up to new brands so I've tried Secure Plus, Bambino, Tranquility ATN and Abena. I found Abena M4's are by far one of my favourite diapers. to me it doesn't feel 'medical' in a sense. I've really enjoyed Bambino but for the price they're not worth it to me. AB/DL designed diapers are probably what you want but you could always give Abena a try if you haven't.

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    Well to be fair, you're going on the experience had with a less than admirable diaper... Walgreens briefs suck whether you like adult diapers or not, its like saying you dont like any cheese because you tried cheddar and hated it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZooeySis View Post
    Well to be fair, you're going on the experience had with a less than admirable diaper... Walgreens briefs suck whether you like adult diapers or not, its like saying you dont like any cheese because you tried cheddar and hated it.
    Real talk yo. #wizdom

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    Quote Originally Posted by WoofWoof View Post
    Real talk yo. #wizdom
    i read this and died laughing in my office lol

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    The other thing is expense. I refuse to pay more than $0.50 per diaper. The Walgreens were the only adult diapers I could find I was willing to pay for (~$0.47 per piece). Shopping other adult diapers they want WAAAY too much for. Not gonna happen. I can get 100 Cruisers size 7 for $35, shipped to my door.
    Attends: ~$0.80 per piece
    Tranquility ~$0.81 per piece
    Abena ~$1.39 per piece
    Bambino Belissimo ~$1.87 per piece (You've got to be F%#king kidding me!!!)

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