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Thread: EMERGENCY (sorry for caps) somone found out

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    Default EMERGENCY (sorry for caps) somone found out

    i need to know what the site is that had all the good information. ive tried google.

    edit: nm found the site still this for me is a worst case scenario
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    I believe you're looking for

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    Understanding Infantilism

    I'm pretty sure this is what you're after. Might wanna clarify exactly what you're looking for, but reading between the lines I'm guessing that your Dad has found your stash, or caught you, or something similar.

    I wish the best of good fortune. With your parents: be calm, be patient, and don't expect miracles overnight. Expect to make concessions and to negotiate with them, but don't tell them what they want to hear just to make the situation go away temporarily. Now is the time to stick to your own values and try and get them to see, at least partially, things from your point of view.

    My parents are on many levels very liberal, however it took them over a year before they fully understood and accepted everything ABDL about me. I stayed strong, called their bluffs many times, and didn't give up. Our relationship is now that much stronger for it. While each situation will be different because each parental and offspring dynamic is different, use the strength that we all have when we're young. Be strong minded, and brave.

    As I said before, good luck.

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    well i didnt need the site the storm has passed for now. in the end noting really bad. but nothing good. mostly the result was just forget it ever happened. thanks for replys anyway

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    Sometimes that can be the best outcome. Perhaps your parents are wise enough to not meddle into things which are uncomfortable to discuss, especially if they don't cause any real harm. Many people have their assorted kinks. Usually it's one's own business.

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    Red face

    Parents vary a great deal as to how they react to infantilism, just as we vary a great deal as to how we express it. Some will ignored pretend it doesn't exist. Some get angry, but they don't always stay angry. Some embrace it too much, but you have to remember that they get inquisitive because they love you and they're trying to understand. Some think you will change. Or that they can change you. It seems from the post, that parental reaction are fluid and ever changing, just like your relationships would be over any other aspect of your personality. The best situation is that all people involved in your life Remain open-minded and respectful of each other. But just as you may not agree with all aspects of their life, don't expect them to agree with all aspects of yours. There seem to be a huge amount of lookers on this website. They're obviously here to learn more about people they care about. The site a great source of information

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