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    Hello everyone, I am currently in college studying journalism and video game design. I haven't decided if I want to primarily develop or review video games, but probably a little bit of both.

    My interest in diapers is being a diaper lover and an adult baby. These interests peaked because I was born with a condition that me partially incontinent. I really don't know all the details, so don't ask. After numerous surgeries I was eventually fixed, and now I am completely continent. After these surgeries I would have to wear pull-ups, and by wearing these at an older age my diaper interest peaked. Sadly, not until I was continent and no longer had pull-ups available to wear. I started peeing in towels at first. But even better, my mom kept a diaper from when I was a baby along with older childhood keepsakes in a dresser. Eventually, I worked up the courage to take this diaper because nobody ever looks in that dresser. It did not fit, so I wore it at night in the front of my underwear, and still do so even after moving to college. I have not been able to explore past this point though because of living with my parents and now living in a college dorm with my roommate. I have had fantasies about wearing and wetting adult diapers, as well as being an adult baby complete with sleeping in a crib, sucking on a pacifier, and having someone change me. Hopefully, in the future I will be able to accomplish these diaper and baby goals.

    Of course, I'm into video games and am definitely a gamer. I'm also a writer, and thoroughly enjoy writing, so I'm trying to combine these like I already mentioned. I also love reading, and enjoy a nice long fictional novel, mostly science fiction and fantasy. I enjoy movies and TV of the same genres.

    Out of this site I'm looking for support and people who share my interest in diapers, but also just a good community to be a part of. I've never told anyone about wanting to wear diapers before, and it feels good to finally let people in on the secret through here. I'm looking forward to getting to know other people's interests in diapers, and reading some of their stories. I'm also willing to share more about my own interests in diapers and other things.
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    Hey ya, DownsideWave!

    I'm glad to hear that your IC problems already have been fixed in your youth. Big difference between wanting to and needing to wear diapers. Anyway good luck on living this hobby/lifestyle, how you want to.

    Video game design and Journalism? I image that those two together are a lot to learn actually. Going with journalism and video games in general might get you a place in a decent place in the media field, I guess, since that's the usual way mostly, besides a traineeship, as far as I know. If you wish to aim for this anyway.

    What's your favorite video games if I may ask? Or your favorite genre in general?

    And of course, which are your favorite books so far? I really love science fiction too! My favorites are probably, despite being really old, a brave new world and 1984. However I also love cyberpunk stuff a lot, like necromancer.

    What are you writing, if I may ask; gaming reviews or similar, I imagine? Since you mentioned that you combined those two, kind of.

    Welcome to adisc and have fun here!

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    I'm the kind of gamer who enjoys most genres, but I definitely love a good RPG like Skyrim or Mass Effect. One of my favorite books is Ender's Game and I'm pretty excited for the movie. I am currently writing video game reviews for a website, but for privacy that will not be disclosed.

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