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Thread: Untraining coming along so nicely - and suggestion

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    Default Untraining coming along so nicely - and suggestion

    Well the untraining is coming along do nicely. It has gotten to the point where when I put on a diaper I just go. Before I have gotten the plastic pants on my body says its time and I just start peeding before I can even stop it. I so love that new development.

    Also now I have found that walking I am able to just relax and the next thing I know I am feeing the urine just leak out of me and then a steady flow all the time I am walking. I even find that once I start that the flow seems to continue not a huge amout just constant leaking. In addition to this when I am in a diaper I find that while sitting my body (mind) just knows its ok. I will start leaking a small amount then just feel the pee flowing out. Once the bladder is amost empty I continue to leak all the time. I am not sure what I going on - I suspect my bladder just stays open and the pee just comes out as if I was wearing a catheter. This is also a wonderful new development and great feeling too.

    One thing I do suggest is when you start wearing diapers and have plastic pants for you to also wear a kitchen garbage bag. I know this may seem strange, after all your wearing plastic pants, but the bag does serve a great purpose. I find that I put on a Tena overnight diaper with slits cut in it and then another Tena diaper and then the plastic kitchen garbage bag. The bag fits around my legs and forms what looks like shorts. The bag around the legs forms a nice snug fit. Then I put on the plastic pants. There are two advantages to this method. First if the last diaper layer leaks you have a really snug water proof layer that goes further down your legs and is totally leak proof. The second advantage is that the plastic pants over the kitchen garbage bag does make a wonderful crinkling noise. Yes as you wear the plastic bag and plastic pants they do get warm and at some point it seems the noise level does greatly reduce.

    What I find in this method is that it totally did free me mentally from any worry about leaking. This freedom mentally has really helped in me now being able to just pee, to let it flow, and especially to enjoy that constant feeling that your leaking.

    I don't know about other (what are others feelings regarding this) but, I do really like the feeling of my pee flowing out of the urethra. I can really feel myself flowing now and also really feel the pee leaking out as I sit at my desk - wow it is such a wonderful feeling - love it.

    Next step in goal is to have it happen that I pee my diaper when asleep and wake up with a really full diaper in the morning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jennycooper1948 View Post
    I suspect my bladder just stays open and the pee just comes out as if I was wearing a catheter.
    1. It isn't.
    2. If it was. You would be wetting you're self uncontrollably and would be a urgent medical issue. I d'ont think many if any IC patients would have unimpeded flows.

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    ^ What he said, its just a matter of once you let go, it becoming easier >_> like breaking the wall of a dam. All you have to do is really think about stopping it and you can stop it.. but judging by the fact that this is not what you want, you simply let it happen, but you are still in control

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    It's probably worth defining "untraining." When we are potty-trained, we not only become diaper-shy, we also learn to be conscious of our bodily functions. Using diapers frequently can eliminate the diaper-shyness, but eliminating your conscious involvement in the act of urinating or defecating is another thing entirely.

    I've used the toilet for three decades now, but I don't cut loose automatically when my butt hits the seat; my brain still has to send an "open valve" command. There is usually no reluctance to send that send that command, however, as I've been conditioned to expect the toilet to handle what I put in it. That's about as far as any "untraining" attempt should be expected to make it.

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    I guess what I am trying to say is when I first started it seemed to take along time before I would pee in the diaper. Now I find that I just relax and it happens. I am not saying that I have no conrol. I do still have control and can stop peeing at any time. However I do find that the fact that I do not have to worry at all about leaking just seems mentally to make it so much easier to pee. During the day I use to never it seemed be able to just pee sitting at my desk or in the car. Now I find that all I have to do is just relax and pee will start to flow or leak out of me.

    Yes I agree when we are potty trined we learn to be consious of our bodily functions and unless one has a super full bladder or a bowel movement that is super urgent most can totally control what is going on and not have an accident. However I do think that untraining (in the since of mentally knowing it is ok to let it go) is possible. I do find that one of the big keys for me was paying attention to how it feels when the flow happened. I find that enjoying feeling the pee flowing out of you is one of the keys. The sensation of peeing in the diaper and being is a wet diaper is for me relaxing and a super great sensation. I find that this pleasure has now gotten to the point where once I have that first flowing the rest of the day is so much easier in letting the flow just happen.

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