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Thread: AB films that have pretty cool stories

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    Red face AB films that have pretty cool stories

    I was just looking around the ab scene when I came across this indie ab short film which I thought was kinda cute Unlike some of the more creepier films I've seen this one is different. The film was called Grow Up Already. It was about a AB that had a girl friend but she wanted him to grow up and be more mature. Since he was pretty much a baby all his life he starts to grow up because he's really in love for this girl. Over all it was cute It's basically a pg film and about 10-11 minutes long. You can see the trailer here . If you want to watch the full 10 minutes the director provides the link to indieflex where you'll have to sign up for the trial. The site requires a credit card though but the show film was worth it You can cancel the trial after you view it if you choose to view it.

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    I'd heard of this film before but never had the chance to see the trailed. Thanks for posting it, I'll have to try and see the full thing now.

    Thanks again!

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    I'll watch it some time when I have a chance.

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    Can't seem to find the whole video sadly

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlninja View Post
    Can't seem to find the whole video sadly
    Ya it seems to be only on indieflex. The suspense was killing me so I gave into the trial.

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    This was discussed in this thread recently. I've heard rumours that they're trying to get it released onto iTunes, so I'm holding out for that. I'm not keen on signing up for a free trial that requires card details, but I would really like to watch the movie.

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    Didn't this already get posted in the ABDL in popular culture thread?

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