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Thread: Height reduction surgery?

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    Default Height reduction surgery?

    So I'm sick of my height, of course the possibly of me pulling it off would be a while off, but I want to know some input. I am 6 feet, 6" 1' with shoes on. However it bothers me greatly that often I have to look down to some people to talk to them, or constantly run into things because of my height. I would aim to be shortened to 5" 7' - 5" 10' (5" 7' would be great!). I am finished growing upwards, my bones have closed up on each other. Really all that's going on right now is marrow forming inside my bones.

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    I *Really* don't think there's going to be much support for this. 6' isn't all that tall. (I stand at around 6' 2") Even if you were 7', I'd still say performing surgery to shorten yourself would only have negative impacts. Also, at 21, you're not done growing, presuming you're male, your growth cycle doesn't end til' 26-28 years. (Albeit much, much slower past 18-20)

    Any particular reason it bothers you so much? I can't really see that many people having to look up at you to talk...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Balto91 View Post
    So I'm sick of my height.

    Quote Originally Posted by Balto91 View Post
    I've been anorexic since I was 17.
    I wonder if maybe it would be better if you got some professional help.

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    Itīs not easy to find words for your way of thinking.
    „I donīt like the sound of birds in the morning... I think Iīll cut off my ears“.
    Seriously, donīt do that.
    Itīs unnecessary, expensive, more than painful, and Iīm sure you wouldnīt even find a reputable doctor willing to operate on you.
    Is it really that hard to accept your current height? Really?
    I mean, come on, youīre smaller than most people I know (including myself).
    Thatīs just ridiculous.

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    Funny. I'm 5'5" and wish I was 5'10" to 6'. It's all about perspective.

    (My 300th post, but who's counting)

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    I have always HATED my height, I dread going to the doctor and getting my height checked.
    I rather be Zipperless' height. I wouldn't go under his/her height.
    Doctors (which I've lost some trust in over the years due to the way they've treated my mom. No fancy degree from Harvard or Yale would convince me otherwise) are like lawyers, give them the right amount of money and they'll go for it.
    Psychologists wouldn't change anything, I'd leave their office the same height and in the same mindset. I tried therapy, it never helped.
    But I doubt I'll be a Karen Carpenter story.

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    -Googling "height reduction surgery" doesn't make it clear that a procedure to do this actually even exists. If it does, it would have to be extraordinarily invasive, risky, and expensive given what it would entail.

    -6'0" isn't even all that tall to begin with. For men your age, it's somewhere around 80th percentile. I'm a bit taller than that by a few inches and I'm still a few inches shorter than where it would start causing any significant annoyances.

    -As referenced above, you've recently mentioned that you are presently or have recently been dealing with anorexia. That should be raising the mother of all red flags about the rationality and practicality of a desire like this to massively alter your body.

    -If this surgery exists at all, it would be an extraordinarily expensive elective surgery for which insurance is not going to pay a dime. You have previously mentioned in other threads that you are currently seeking employment and trying to secure a loan for a used car. It's hard to imagine a scenario you could be in which would allow you to be able to afford this.

    You really should be speaking to a professional, probably a therapist of some sort, and your doctor should be able to point you to the right person. The picture that is emerging from your posts in this and other threads is one in which you're in a situation with which we on this forum are not qualified to help.

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    I know there's a height enhancing surgery that's somewhere over in Asia but it looks incredibly painful. They break your shins and let you heal for over half a year all to gain 1 maybe 2 inches, not worth the expense and pain if you ask me. As for height reduction, I'm not sure such a thing even exists unless you're willing to get half your legs blown off like you see in a bunch of those war movies.

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    The most that could be done is to remove and inch or two of your leg bones, and then the rest of your body would be out or proportion. In the past 50 years, Americans are growing taller and taller, so it's not like you are some sort of freak. You are just one of the many. It doesn't matter whether one is short or tall. It's the size of one's heart that matters.

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