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Thread: Body Feels Different When Regressing?

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    Default Body Feels Different When Regressing?

    This is in the realm of probing curiosity with others' regressing behavior...

    Often times when I am starting to feel little/regressive I feel a physical shiver. It's a good feeling, almost like a rush, that feels like when you get a "chill" spontaneously.

    The more regressive I am feeling often the more chills I feel. Is this something others have experienced?

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    See I get the shiver more when I'm coming out of it.
    Until my husband mentioned it I didn't think I was different to everyone when starting to regress except for the occasional vocabulary slip but he says he notices that I get this really heavy limp relaxed feeling when I regress and its real.

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    It's commonly joked that the mind is the most powerful thing in the world and while not exactly able to be proven, it's also a solid idea. For example, if the mind decides a person is sick, even without the infection, the body can reflect the sickness. I imagine the same would be true with regression. If the mind is slipping back so rapidly, the idea of a physical manifestation isn't very difficult to believe.

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