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Thread: Souls games vent thread

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    Angry Souls games vent thread

    so today I was working on a samurai build and I was doing the DLC everything was going fine cut up some enemies with my katana then I got to Manus; one of biggest b**ches in the game if you don't know how he works when you get his health to a certain point he starts using dark magic that can OHKO you're a** and his regular hit is painful still

    I've died twice with him on the brink of death but died myself cause of his dark magic the DLC is good but hard, really hard

    anyone else have experiences like this in Dark/Demon Souls

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    He just takes practice like all other bosses. If you are using a katana I'd assume you're at least fast rolling if not ninja-flipping, which should make manus easy. If you can't roll then obviously use the pendent, and summon Sif for help, he can tank quite a bit of the fight. The souls games aren't nearly as hard as people make them out to be, things can be very challenging the first time but if you listen, block and roll you can beat the game with the sword hilt you started with. Good luck man.

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    It's just the fact that he'll wail on me like he's got nothing better to do. I'm using uchigatana and yeah it helps it's +10 I'm thinking of ducking out of fighting him for a bit and upgrading my armor and sword to max and leveling a bit
    and see how that works out

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    I'd suggest the chaos blade with red tearstone ring and power within. You will be wrecking him by the time you hit say 15% of your hp. Good luck regardless.

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