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Thread: Tena Slip Maxi's for me

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    Default Tena Slip Maxi's for me

    I am finding my way into diapers and started on store boughts (avoid at all cost) before moving on to Cuddlz Staydry and then Abema Maxi 4 followed by Molicare. I have commented on how I found these on other threads. Following cgh's excellent review of the Tena Slip Maxi, I ordered a case of them from Incontinence UK and have now got through five of these, which must be the best disposable available on the UK market.
    They are slim and easily concealed like the Staydry and are also plastic faced and yet absorb a massive amount of moisture, lasting nearly a day. Bulking out admittedly but nowhere near as much as Abema or Molicares which produce the diaper waddle and must be difficult to conceal when out and about. The tapes had the helpful landing pads and did actually refasten unlike all of the others which either tore the facing or lost their adhesion.
    Fit is a personal thing depending on your shape but again they were perfect , tight but not cutting with that perfect 'diapered' look
    I have an ever increasing stash of tried but not suitable diapers.
    If any others, like me, are beginners and searching for the right diaper which will give their body the confidence to start the relaxed pee without thought, and have just the right plastic crinkle, try these - the cost is fully justified.
    I came into diapers to de-stress and these are the perfect accompaniment.
    PS - this is not a sponsored thread!

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    After hearing about these on this site, this was my first sample pack. I tried others and liked abri form premium cloth like as well, but when Tena Slips went on sale at Bambino's, I bought a package and really enjoy them as well. They do get a little sweaty on the backside, however.

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    I'm about to finish my first pack of Tena Slip Maxi's. They are performing well for me. They've been handling my 4 to 5 wettings during the day. I got mine from XP Medical.

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    i have just got a pack of tena maxi from the same supplier on ebay but have only had chance to wear once.I am also using tena super large which I got from asda for 18.99.

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    Tena Maxis are my current favourites too, though I usually wear Flex or pads rather than slips so I can easily unfasten them to use a catheter when necessary. Tena Contour pads aren't as good as other brands though, as they don't have standing leg-guards.

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    Love Tena Slip Maxi' i always have, along with most of there other products.
    We should all enjoy them whilst there are around in that form.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zipperless View Post
    They do get a little sweaty on the backside, however.
    Could you elaborate on this? I'm considering buying some in the next couple of weeks. Do you mean that the wetness is transferring through the plastic, that they leak, or just that they are really hot and give you swamp butt?

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    I just got some samples in and these things are really tempting me to move to it as my current diaper. Just wish they could be a little cheaper in the states. Though when you calculate it, they aren't a whole lot more than a few others per brief wise.

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    Tenas are the best all round nappy, even better with a booster pad!

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