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Thread: Feeling better.

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    Red face Feeling better.

    Indeed I am.

    With the help of many people here, I've come a step closer to fully accept myself. Yesterday, I went to an AB/DL group meeting and found that I'm not alone. Heck, I already knew that, but the simple fact that there are AB/Dls close to me....that I can get in touch with left my mind at peace.

    I had a chance to discuss my situation with a lot of people and they all gave me reassuring advices a personal experience to make me understand what exactly I'm going through.

    And with that, you'll all be happy to know that tomorrow will be my first time wearing since the last two years.

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    That's awesome!!! I've finally come to terms with myself... still not persuaded my wife.
    You'll feel so much better within yourself when you start to realise that there isn't anything wrong with you... just roll with it and enjoy yourself, that's what I do!!

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    Sweet deal man! Nice to hear someone getting over a hurdle. I myself am still trying to get a handle on all this but hey, that's what this site's for, right? Anyways, hope you continue to feel better!

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