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Thread: Hey guys.

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    Default Hey guys.

    Well, here goes.
    First of all, I just wanted to say I like what I see here. I've been looking for a comunity like this for a while, but never found one.
    My name's Mike, and I'm a totally blind DL from northern cali. I'm into music, particularly VGM and remixes, metal, and anything else that sounds good. I also game a lot, and I constantly frequent the interwebs.
    I don't currently wear diapers since I'm living with my parents (yeah, they don't know.) I did manage to try them on a few ocasions with an ex-girlfriend who was very understanding, and actually discovered a brand I intend on using exclusively when I get the chance.
    Anyway, I love making new friends and talking to people. My MSN is [admin note: No plain text email addresses - you can leave your MSN address in your profile!] if anyone would like to add me. Also I'll happily answer any questions about my blindness since I'm sure at least a few people will have some.
    Looking forward to making some friends here.
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    hay there welcome to the site man I hope u enjoy it here

    Yeh there are alot of us that hide it from are parents its not exactly something we all go telling everyone about eh? Lol

    I love gameing to u got a 360?

    Oh and when u say blindness iam guessing u use it metaforicly? (sorry about spelling)

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    Nope, I really am totally blind since birth.
    My blindness is due to a condition called retinopathy of prematurity, I was born three months premature.
    Don't have a 360 yet, though I did ask for one for christmas, the NXE makes the menus a lot easier to navigate, plus the ability to use the marketplace from any internet browser makes it completely accessible.

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    Welcome stirlock! I hope you like it here.

    Oh my goodness, blind?! It's gotta be hard to read on the net.
    I'm "legally blind" myself, but it's only bad enough that I wear glasses or contacts.

    Anyway, hope to see you around!

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    Welcome to the site.
    I'm really curious, how the hell do you game blind?

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    Shu: Not really hard, I use a screen reader called jaws for windows, which lets you use a great many programs.
    HypnoToad: I just play by sound, obviously. I'm a big fan of fighters and RPGs. In the latter case, I usually go around and fight random battles. If I want to progress I usually just ask for some help.

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    I'm still rather amazed, I don't think I could beat anyone at brawl with my eyes closed.

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    Blind? o.o;

    Anyway, welcome to ADISC! I hope you have a good time and make a lot of friends. n.n

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    Quote Originally Posted by HypnoToad View Post
    I'm still rather amazed, I don't think I could beat anyone at brawl with my eyes closed.
    That's because you're not used to doing everything with your eyes closed. If you've never known what it'S like to see, you can't really miss that sensation or input in your brain. At least I've never really missed the input from my left eye (which is nearly, but not completely blind), and yet I've not run into walls or anything. You just compensate with the other senses you have.

    Anyway, welcome to the forum stirlock. Enjoy your stay!


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