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Thread: Diablo II

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    Default Diablo II

    I know it's an OLD's ancient even...but I LOVE it! Sooooo...I was wondering if anyone else on here ever plays it (even once in a blue moon). I've played all three levels (normal, nightmare, and hell) and beaten the game (multi-player, of course!)...I've beaten it in normal on single player, too!

    I just made a new multi-player character (bet you can't guess the name *giggles*) and play on USEAST gateway if anyone's interested in playing a game anytime in the near future (or distant future) character is only like level 3 or 4 at the moment...but I do play by myself when I get bored so she'll level up some in the next day or so.

    I'm also ready, willing, and able to create an entirely new character if enough people were of like mind to start a game with all "level one" characters.

    I don't know about guilds and stuff...although I seem to remember belonging to one...yeeeeeeeeeears ago.

    Discussion welcome!

    EDIT: WOOHOO at starting my THIRTEENTH thread!
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    I would LOVE to play this game again cept I don't know where the CDs are.

    If I go and buy the game new its still like 20 bucks which is ridiculous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScubaSteve View Post
    I would LOVE to play this game again cept I don't know where the CDs are.

    If I go and buy the game new its still like 20 bucks which is ridiculous.
    I paid 20$ just for a second copy of the expansion when I couldn't find mine (then I found it!) :-D

    Oh, I guess I should have said that, too, huh? I'd rather play "Lords of Destruction" than just straight DII

    Quote Originally Posted by silent deadly alchemist View Post
    i dont think games get much less than that
    Me, either, and you want a new copy 'cause you want the CD-Key...although a previously-played copy may be cheaper and may have a CD-Key, if it's in use you won't be able to play!

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    when i get my pc back up and running i would like to play with you ayanna. it might be a week or so because my video card blew some capacitors and i think i have electrical damage from a recent storm . i just installed d2 a week ago and i have lod, this might be the push i've been needing to get the game started .

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    I love this game too XD

    Except I'm not as hardcore as you are; I've only ever played it on the Normal mode, and I've never done multiplayer.

    But hey... I play it all the time XD It's amazing.

    (all the good games are old, btw. it's true. graphics means nothing)


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    Had the game. Played it for four years or so. Got 20+ characters above level 80. Had tons of the best equipment in the game. Got tired of it really quickly after the gold-stealing pixies visited my stash just one too many times. -.-

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    Hell yeah I still play! ^_^
    I have taken 4 characters through Hell already, they are all sitting at Lvl99, no not from cheats, but from playing so damned much ^^
    they are ::
    Conan Lvl99 barbarian
    Necron Lvl99 Necromancer
    Vicious Lvl99 Paladin
    BillyJoeBob Lvl99 Druid

    if anyone ever wants to play 'wiff me, hit me up with a PM ^^

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    Kite: get it back up and running SOOOOOOOOOON

    I can only play at the weekends, really (maybe occasional evenings) 'cause of work 'n stuff...but my Amazon (I almost always play Amazon) is level 7 now! I just killed Blood Raven (in a multi-player game...single-handedly)!!!


    No-one: You really need to play on's tons of fun. Although if someone has a fast enough service and doesn't mind hosting it's possible to play over TCP/IP for multi-player games (I think that's a work around for people who are using 'hacked' games and can't play on Battlenet)!

    Anyone else wanna join in the fun and excitement of killing stuff? :-D

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    Oh man, I remember Diablo II. I think I've got my copy of it kicking around somewhere...

    I've also gotta laugh at the retail stores around here who *still* sell Diablo 2 for around $30.

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