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Thread: wetting in public

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    Default wetting in public

    I just can't work up the courage to wet in public. I'm always scared I am gonna leak or people will somehow did you work up the courage?

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    I started by going in places where there were not many people around or where people couldn't see me. Eventually I moved up to doing it around anyone. If you have a good diaper, you shouldn't have to worry about leaks for a while anyways.

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    Try starting off by going out in public in a wet diaper for a few times you will son have the confidence to wet while out and about

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    When I first started, I went a little at a time. I wore a Depends (risky!) so when I was back in my car, I would pull it up to keep it tight. Also, for practice, try the parking lot as you're getting in or out of your car, like when you are putting your packages in your car.

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    Test your diaper for capacity a couple of times before you decide to do it in public so you will know how much pee is safe to let out. And... ...wear dark pants just in case.

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    The first, and only time I ever wet in public (as a tb/ab) was at night on vacation while riding a bike(at a beach with a pavement road and lights.). (was a Goodnight pull-on).
    So I guess a start would be around people you don't know, and dark. or just around people you don't know.

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    I've wet in public a couple of times, and it was extremely difficult for me. I don't think I managed to completely empty my bladder on either occasion. At the same time, this was done mainly to satisfy my curiosity and as a sort of self-inflicted dare, and I've since had no desire to do it again. I'm generally very private with my diaper usage, and have worn in public only a handful of times in the last ten years.

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    You really have to know and be comfortable with the capacity of the diaper and how much you wet. As long as you do not leak, no one will know what's going on (assuming you don't get in an awkward position, or make a weird face!).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abenalover View Post
    Test your diaper for capacity a couple of times before you decide to do it in public so you will know how much pee is safe to let out. And... ...wear dark pants just in case.
    I agree. I've wet in public a lot and I always test the capicity of a new diaper type before wearing in public. I wet in the parking lot or areas that didnt have a lot of people at first and worked up to more public places. You have to work up to being comfortable in such situations; I've gotten to the point now where I've even wet at concerts (very public!) and felt confident. Just keep working on it

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    As long as you don't look or act suspicious, no one would notice you. Just act normal and do your thing.

    I would suggest, for a subsequent try, to wear and wet in a bus. Perhaps take a bus on a less crowded hour. Just make sure that the diaper you wear is capable of being peed into when you are seated. You can then gauge for yourself if wetting in public is your thing, and thereafter you may move on.

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