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    Well lately things have been crazy busy around here trying to pack for he move in two weeks. Been completely exhausted alot of the time.

    Got to go out shopping today and picked myself up some goodies. Got myself 2 new pacis. Both Nuk 18-36 Months. They are ok. Love the size of the nipple but not too sure I care for the thinness.

    Also picked up 2 new sippies. Love my monster sippy from Nuby but unfortunately it leaks

    So I decided to try a couple of Tommee Tippee Explora Sippee's

    Paid $8 for two and am absolutely in love with them. They dont leak. I have put soda in it , turned it upside down and shook it and it didn't leak. I definitely think these are the sippies I will be sticking with. Both the ones I got to day are 10oz so a nice decent size for someone who drinks alot

    I also rummaged through the dollar bin and got a Hello Kitty Plate and Bowl which made me all little girl kinds of happy

    Got myself a blue (my favorite color *nods*) rubber ducky.

    Last but not least picked up some baby food hoping I like the gerber better. I know I loved the gerber as a kid but I just tried some of the Beechnut brand and was less than impressed.

    Almost forgot (Well ok I DID forget but I edited.. So doesnt count as forgetting anymore :P) I bought some spoons. Love em they are little but sturdy. I actually sat and chewed on one for a but after I ate without really thinking about it (I am definitely a chewer) and it didn't bother is one bit ^_^
    I am thinking I may get some of the Tommee Tippee bottles too as mine leak when I fall asleep and I want some that won't leak. Anyone every tried their bottles or pacis? What did you think of them?

    Will have to post pics of my stuff later ^_^
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    I got myself a bottle myself this week, been trying it out with some Lipton Iced Tea and it works pretty well, doesn't leak or anything, although the nipple is free-flow and it sucks in quite a bit which is kind of a pain x.x

    I'm enjoying my AVENT 6-18+, which I have been using every night for about 2/3 weeks now, in fact I'm using it right now, for the first few nights it would fall out but now it stays in my mouth without a problem. ^_^

    Good to hear you're enjoying your stash. ^_^

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