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Thread: Moon Landing conspiracy theories

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    Default Moon Landing conspiracy theories

    Hello All.

    I was thinking about this recently.
    In your opinion, the landing of Apollo 11 on the moon was real or was a fake?
    Or better, is man in your opinion ever been on Moon?

    Reading around the net about this makes me confused, too many evidences is false, too many evidences is true.

    Personally, I think is true, Man Landed on the moon.

    your opinions?

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    In the grand scheme of things i don't think it matters.

    It could of happened.

    It could have been a play to inspire the nation.

    Either way i don't think it matters.

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    NASA landed on the moon! Even Mythbusters covered this one. I give credit to some conspiracy theories, but not this one. I like astronomy and space exploration A LOT, so I wouldn't even want this one to be true.

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    I used to live right down the road from Johnson Space Center and went to church with many current and former astronauts, others involved in the space program, and even the guy that made the flags that were left on the moon.

    One of the theories about the moon landing being faked points out the flag seeming to "wave in the wind" when it was placed in the ground. The conspiracy theorists state that since there is no wind on the moon, the film must have been made on earth.

    I asked the man that made the flags about this and he showed me the design (from a flag that was to have gone up on the last but canceled Apollo mission). He pointed out the upside-down-L shaped pole and support that held the flag. The pole that supports the top part of the flag is on a spring-loaded swivel joint that attaches it to the vertical pole. The explanation for the "wave" in the flag is that one of the astronauts bumped the flag after it was deployed (seen in the film) and in low-gravity (the moon is not zero gravity) the swivel joint allowed the top pole to move back and forth, giving the appearance that the flag was "waving in the wind."

    Hope that dispels at least one myth.

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    America had the capability to go to the moon in 1969. America needed to go to the moon not because we were expanding scientific knowledge but to prove to Russia that we could during the Cold War as a scare tactic. If we could send a space ship out into space with that much payload then everybody better be keeping a weather eye on the horizon. It wouldn't be surprising to find out that America lied to the world but I truely think that the anxious figureheads of that time period absolutely demanded that we go there.

    Anyways, if you didn't believe the last handfull of landings (there has been more then one) then wait until 2022. That is when we are planning to return before going on to Mars if we can.

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    Although I find conspiracy theories intriguing, I think that any conspiracy theory relating to the moon landing being faked is bunk. And that's not just because I went to the same school as Neil Armstrong . I just have not heard any convincing evidence in any of the conspiracy theories. Plus, other nations have scoped out the lunar surface. If our flags aren't there, don't you think they'd have been asking questions by now?

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    Well considering there are man made objects placed at specific points on the moon I say the theories are fake. Now I just wonder why people want to think its fake when there's massive amounts of proof. Maybe they watched "Capricorn One" a little too much.

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    I thought Betagame made this...I had to double check the creator...But it's real...I don't really see how someone could think it was fake (yes, I've seen the sites with "evidence")

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    Oh yes, it was real. I haven't actually heard any solid evidence against the fact that we landed on the moon that wasn't a genuine scientific fact completely stripped of context and meaning. Get a better hobby, conspiritists.

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    Awesome, a space thread.

    Now, here is your problem. To dupe the nation, you either have to have a big conspiracy or a small conspiracy. A big one lets in all the people working for NASA. All the astronauts, support personnel, managers, and the massive contractors, subcontractors, and sub subcontractors that all built the spacecraft. Then you have perhaps a few hundred thousand people who know NASA didn't go to the moon. How do you keep the lid on a conspiracy that big? Hell, the CIA and FBI, both much smaller, more disciplined operations, have blown much smaller conspiracies. How the hell could NASA and the entire industry that worked with NASA keep a lid on this after all these years?

    Or, you could have a small conspiracy. Only the Astronauts, managers, flight controllers, and a few other people know that Apollo whatever isn't going to the moon. Then, you run into the reverse problem. The people that built the spacecraft are really really smart. They know how to build spacecraft. They will design a spacecraft that can do everything NASA asks it to, and much more. Then you have a spacecraft that CAN go to the moon and CAN land on it. Why not go at that point?

    I challenge anyone to give scientific evidence that 8 manned missions did not go to the moon and 6 did not land on it.

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