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Thread: Favorite diapers? And what do you prefer?

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    Cool Favorite diapers? And what do you prefer?

    What is some of your favorite diapers and what do you prefer to do, wet, mess, or both. My favorite diapers are Goodnites and I mainly like to wet but sometimes mess but I don't like to mess a lot because I hate cleaning myself up and disposing of the messy diaper.

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    I'd have to say Pampers size 7 or Walgreen's sleep pants(like Goodnights but leak less on me)
    I use my diaper for everything when I'm wearing. I usually take a shower afterwords.
    Sadly I don't get many chances to buy diapers tho.. I've been wanting to try underjams but haven't gotten any yet.

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    I'm one of those doubly strange adult DLs who, after nearly two decades of adulthood, is still straddling the boundary between baby and adult diapers. I wear Pampers quite frequently, but I also wear adult-sized cloth prefolds with pins and plastic pants. So I'm straddling generations, too.

    I don't know, but I've long suspected that having easy access to baby diapers throughout my childhood caused me to associate "baby" and "diaper" more strongly than most here on ADISC do, and that it's therefore been more difficult for me to see anything adult-sized as a diaper. The cloth prefolds may have gotten a pass because they're exactly the same as the baby kind, just larger. Not sure, though. The Pampers fit terribly, of course, but I've learned not to expect much from them in that regard. Rather, it's the scents, the prints, and the simple fact that they're a baby product that drive my interest in them.

    Regarding wetting and messing: I'm a wetter only. I've never cared for the idea of de-pooping myself in the shower and whatnot.

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    Well as to baby diapers I like the ones from the early 2000's with the lion king on them. Not only do they hold way way more than modern baby diapers they are ever so cute. As to adult diapers I have yet to try any of the expensive fabrines or the likes but do find M3's to be quite enjoyable when I have the cash to buy them but stick with Tranquility ATN's for my everyday go -to diaper.

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    I only like baby diapers. To me, that's what a diaper is. Lately I have been wearing a lot of Pull-ups 4T-5T, but I really like the wetting characteristics of Walgreens Sleep Pants. I have over 200 Pampers diapers, so I use Cruisers and Baby Dry quite frequently too. I go through probably 4-5 diapers a day. I didn't used to like messing in diapers, because of disposal and clean-up. Lately I have gotten more into it though, and will put on a diaper just to mess in it. My bowel movements have been exclusive to diapers for the past 2 months now. I have gotten better at clean-up though - I can clean an entire messy with only two standard baby wipes and a handheld mirror. The scents of baby diapers (especially Easy-Ups!!) are another thing that I can't seem to get away from.

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    So far I like the ABUs. The cushies I prefer over the SDKs.

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    My favorite diapers are Dry 24/7s for thickness, Bellissimos for cuteness and thickness, and Tena slip maxis for slimness .

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    I have only got a chance to try Depends and they SUCK! They leak every time I wet them. Once I get the chance I am going to try and pick up some Goodnites and see if those are any better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by popped34 View Post
    I have only got a chance to try Depends and they SUCK! They leak every time I wet them. Once I get the chance I am going to try and pick up some Goodnites and see if those are any better.
    Unfortunately I have yet to try Goodnights, though depends are terrible unless layered or with a stuffer. I would considering checking online sometime and ordering some nice premiums or even attends. Those hold up better and have better durability. Also the prices for them are only marginally more than store prices with much greater return on investment. Hope you find some that you really love

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    In high school, I was lucky enough to pull off buying some of the old Attends with blue tapes from time to time. I remember buying them completely on a whim from a site called Northshore Care or something. I was so clueless with ordering back then I actually sent them an enveloped stuffed with CASH, not realizing that wasn't how buying online worked. o_O

    Those old Attends were thick, held a ton, were comfy as hell, and most importantly for my then-teenaged self....were cheap!

    They remain my favorite diapers of all time. Although my go-to diapers these days, bambino teddies, are pretty damng good in their own way. The only thing that keeps me from saying their the best diaper is their cost.

    As far as wetting/messing goes...I still live with my family, I'm only able to wet occasionally. I'd never consider messing, even if I could do so without worrying about being found out. It just isn't something I'd do willingly.

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