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Thread: Question for dog owners from a dog newbie.

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    Default Question for dog owners from a dog newbie.

    My first real experience with dogs are my mother's two dogs. They are both little things... lap dogs, I think you would call them. Anyway, tonight I was watching a movie with my mom and giving pets to my mom's toy poodle. The toy poodle has been training me to pet her since I got here a couple weeks ago. I'm very obedient and a pretty fast learner. Every time I stop petting her for a second she puts her nose under my wrist and flips my hand backwards to the top of her poofy little head.

    So tonight I was giving her lots of pets because by this point I pretty much had my job figured out. The other little doggie was by his mommy (and my mommy. Aw I have two little siblings now.) And anyway, she flops over to her back and has her paws in the air. Not stiffened up, but relaxed, I thought. So I pet her upper belly. Then she completely freaked me out. She like sort of let her mouth hang wide open and her eyes are going kinda weirdly loopy and one of her back legs is twitching.

    It looked like some kind of floppy seizure. I don't know though I have never seen an animal or human seize before. But to top it all off my mom said that the toy poodle never lets people pet her belly. I didn't realize that, so maybe I upset the dog, but she's the one who turned over first. Maybe she turned over because she felt sick or something, though, or that's when this weird medical issue started. She didn't bite me or anything like that. She's not a biter. But I was nervous seeing her mouth hanging wide open like that, so I nudged her a little bit and she stopped doing that twitching and closed her mouth like she normally has it. I gave her head and neck some more pets and checked her eye contact and she seemed fine pretty fast. Tonight she ran around outside just fine, too.

    Is my mom's dog okay? I only had cats before and I never seen them do this kind of thing. Even when I give cats lots and lots of pets they don't do this. I really hope she's okay; she's only eight years old and that's not very old for a dog. I didn't want to ask my mother about this because I didn't want to worry her if it was a real bad sign.

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    Personally, this doesn't sound like a seizure, but I'm no vet. I had a poodle who had seizures, and they basically consisted of him just lying in his bed and screaming. Lots of animals twitch their legs when you pet them a certain way, so I'd recommend just keeping an eye on her for now.

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    She is fine, just being a dog. Doing what you did put she was in pure bliss. If a dog has it's leg a twitching, it is happy. So I wouldn't be concerned at it. Just a doggy thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanddeath View Post
    She is fine, just being a dog. Doing what you did put she was in pure bliss. If a dog has it's leg a twitching, it is happy. So I wouldn't be concerned at it. Just a doggy thing.
    Whew, thank you. So the dog was just dogging. I have to say it was honestly kind of scary for a dog-newbie like myself. Now I wonder if she's mad at me for suddenly stopping when she gave me happy-signs. Man I hope she has a short memory, but I heard poodles are pretty smart.

    Quote Originally Posted by WoofD0G View Post
    I have a cat :-)
    Come on WoofDog, this question was clearly intended for exactly you...

    Quote Originally Posted by KimbaStarshine View Post
    I had a poodle who had seizures, and they basically consisted of him just lying in his bed and screaming.
    Aaannnd this is the scariest thing I've read all night. Tomorrow I'm going to watch Session 9 and this may or may not be more scary than that. Although my mind of course made the screams sound like a human child. In all seriousness, I'm so sorry your poor dog and you had to go through that. But I am glad to know that's what a *real* seizure is more like in an animal and doesn't sound at all like what I posted.

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    I'm sorry, I couldn't resist :-)
    I would own a dog if I had the means, but a self-sufficient can't fits perfectly into my hectic life :-)

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    Totally just being a dog lol. Dachshunds also typically dont let anyone pet their tummies because it makes them vulnerable. Letting you scratch their tummies is a sign of complete and total trust. The leg twitching thats kind of their way of saying hey your tickling me! But alot of them really enjoy it lol. I have a 95lb Great Dane Cross who is my Service Dog and he does this all the time when I scratch his tummie so I would say you have nothing to worry about :P

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    In nature, dogs aren't touched on the belly. It's just the dog. In time the dog will be used to you touching/stroking her belly.

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    Just like a few others have already said, When we had a family dog it would do the leg fit if you scratched in the right place on her back and I can't see it did any damage as she lived for 16 years. What I did find strange was she would have a mad 5 minutes playfully running around the living room and kitchen. I'd never seen anyone else's dog do this but I just assumed it was just her personality. I miss having a dog

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    That's a perfectly normal thing for a dog to do. My dog sleeps on his back all the time.

    As for the leg twitching - some dogs have certain spots they like being scratched that will make them twitch their legs. The usually like it, so try to find it again :-).

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