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Thread: Diaper show an interesting watch

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    Default Diaper show an interesting watch

    If only I could understand what they are saying

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    just catch a few people here and do the same

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    Lol leave it to the Japanese to put on a diaper convention! Wonder if that would ever catch on in the US?

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    Well it is different - I wonder if it is a convention put on for health care staff or careers of the elderly as there seems to be a lot of samples changing hands! The people shown in the video are reasonably young and from what I have heard from a Japanese tv channel I watch in English I believe there is a lot of older generation being cared for by family there is very few care homes at present.

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    because Bus and Trains are packed with commute and Travel time. A lot of Japanese use diapers just not to have to wait in long Bathroom lines.

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    I could believe that if you said that about India or china but Japan's rail is so efficient and fast I have problems believing that sorry.

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    Yeah yeah sure sure - I don't think it would look very good under there slender designed kimono

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    There was a story on CBS, 60 Minutes about women who worked the cash registers in Walmart and wore diapers because the store managers wouldn't give them breaks for the bathroom. In fact, the Federal Government became involved, and now in my job at public school, I have to swipe a time card so that I can't be taken advantage of. We were told by our principal that it was called "The Walmart Law".

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    Hi dog boy

    I had not heard of that particular 60 minutes story, but it is a bit harsh on that employee ! Did they not give her morning. Lunch and afternoon tea break? Or did this lady have the urge to go more frequently than those three breaks? As when I start getting sick I try to flush my body with water to combat getting sick I have been fortunate enough that I have been in a flexible workplace that I could go to the toilet between dealing with each person In the past on an occasion when I was coming down sick I was going to the toilet every 15-20 minutes during an 8 hour work day! Thank goodness I don't get sick often.

    I had heard of a story in australia I think it happened where there was people working in a call center the staff's immediate manager demanded his staff wear a nappy/ diaper/ incontinence aid, so that the calls could be answered timely as "there was to much time spent on toilet breaks"

    How come you have to swipe your card is that to let you into the toilet? If that is the case that is bad as if you forgot your card you cannot have free access to a toilet, or is it so your employer does not have to pay you for. Your toilet breaks? - it gives me a slight concern as if they are swipe cards they can then look up to see how often your card has been accessed at that swipe spot - are they going to say you have used more than your quota of toilet privileges ! ?

    I must look at the 60 minutes program
    Thank you for your contribution

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