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    So, I received an email to tell me that JumpinJammerz just released cotton PJs. A big hit for warmer months, if you ask me. They don't have a zipper, instead they use buttons. Only four types currently, but for $40, I must say, not bad. Will probably order some soon, just figure I'd get the word out, as I've seen at least two threads asking about summer footie PJs.

    They seem to all have hoods, though, so if you don't like that, perhaps not ideal. They also have pockets. Perhaps if they catch on though, they'll produce some cuter printed ones.

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    Kind of cool.....I dont care for buttons though, takes too long to go to the bathroom when you arent diapered though I just found that they had Star Trek footies and that's awesome Not babyish but I love it

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