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    I tend to buy my adult nappies from boots but find they do leak after a large wee. At night I have to wear two at least over each other. They do hold a good amount of poo though. Are there any other nappies I can try? I have heard about tena maxi slip but cannot find them in shop. I cannot order on line and have to buy in the shop.

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    Hello there, and welcome to the site.

    In the UK online is certainly the easier option, but for those like yourself who don't have that option there are still some options.

    1) more and more of the larger Asda stores are stocking Tena Slip adult diapers. I have seen the Super level absorbency product once.
    2) I believe I read you are in Essex. If you pop into central London, and find yourself near Wigmore street, then pop into Online London Pharmacy - Healthcare Products - Medicine - Online Doctor - UK - they have a wall nicely stocked with Tena products. I have bought Tena Slip Maxi there before. Competitive prices.
    3) larger pharmacies, especially those located near/ at regional health centres tend to have incontinence products on the shelves, or at worst in the storage room. Staff are usually incredibly helpful, so tell them what you need and they will grab it for you, or order it, usually with later in the day/next day collection
    4) I have also had luck with independent pharmacies. Larger they are, the more likely.

    Hope that helps a little bit.
    Good luck

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    If you can pluck up the courage and ask then Boots can order in any Tena products for you.

    I've ordered a bag of Tena Slip Maxi from them before. I phoned up the pharmacy to order it in. They only needed a name and contact number. Next day they called to say it was in.

    You might also want to try mobility/disabled shops.

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    I also buy from boots as I can't order online I find they hold up quite well not the best but will do having a hard time finding any Tena slips maxis

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    Mobility shops are a great source - check online what's in your area, most have some sort of web presence.

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    To the OP, I notice your in Colchester.

    For lille diapers try: Alphamarque || Specialists for Mobility and Easier Living

    They have a shop at:

    4 Centurion House
    St Johns Street
    CO2 7AH

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    Having tried a number of diapers including Abema and Molicare, I have settled on Tena Maxi Slip as being thin, invisible under jeans and very absorbent , and best of all, plastic faced. They can be worn out and about with confidence for public wetting if going 24/7. They are available through Incontinence UK. a very discreet internet delivery and anonymous credit card billing.

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