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Thread: Pinku Project - Performers in Japanese Animi.

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    Default Pinku Project - Performers in Japanese Animi.

    Hi Everyone,

    Wanted to ask and perhaps share a group out of Toronto called the pinku project. Stumbled upon them about six months ago. Three to four girls who perform lip sync songs in Japanese often dressed as little girls.

    According to their own face book page

    they are J-pop/anime idols out of Toronto. Members go by Peach Pinku, Berry Pinky, Cotton Pinku and Baby Pink. They perform at anime conventions and upload videos performing.

    Pinku! Project - YouTube

    "Our goal had been bringing some Asian idol culture to people in Canada and we'd been active in the local anime."

    They dress adorably in little girl outfits and the songs are often aimed at toddlers or little girls. If you love Japanese Anime, the toddler or little girl look, petticoats and/or petticpants you'll love the Pinku Project.

    Mary Beth - Pinku Fan

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    These guys are so cute, it's a shame they're not together anymore. :< They still run a clothing line called Pinkly Ever After, though. (I love their clothes but they're a bit out of my price range. v_v) Here are some other performers with stage personas in a similar vein that may also be of interest!

    Yukari Tamura
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    I too love their outfits very cute and adorable, too bad they are expensive, I might buy some down the road.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tall2826 View Post
    I too love their outfits very cute and adorable, too bad they are expensive, I might buy some down the road.

    Penny's a day but I do know the expense. Gosh, I wish I had some of the dresses I once had

    Mary Beth

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    Music reminds me of trashy Blümchen techno from Germany in the 90ies:

    Blümchen - Kleiner Satellit - live - YouTube

    I went to my first Blümchen concers diapered.

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    Pretty good and you're right, there is some resemblance. I've always loved a touch of the technical going back to Moog (spelling?). Thanks for the link.

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