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    Default The Bedtime thread

    A thread to help peopl manage to get to bed on ti,e by posting nightly when they are getting to bed so they can correct for bad habits.

    For example I am getting to bed by 2:30AM today, this bad for my health and I am supposed to be in bed 12:30AM I will work on this.

    people can also post when they hit their goals for positive reinforcement.

    All the best and goodnight at last to night.

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    this is probably the internet's most needed thread

    just one more click away from work,
    been up all night to perv and jerk,
    the internet's gotten me hooked,
    and i wish i'd never-ever looked.

    or sumfink. blame Beiber for that one: i caught a glimpse of his 'performance' on the telly (i've flushed better stuff down the bog).

    anyway, i've not long since just awoke. with being injured, my sleep is usually split in two (afternoon kip and early morning kip); a full night's sleep is a rarity (i think i'm up to 8 in the past 3 years) and, of course, being out of the habit of getting a proper kip makes it all the harder (plus, Harry wakes me up at 8am, for him to go for a dump).
    albeit all askewed, i wouldn't mind getting a good, fresh start tomorrow, so that i can do some work on the car (rain's due for Monday and these two sunny days may be our 'summer' for this year).
    bedtime? i may try 2am (we'll see how i feel).

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