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Thread: Comfiest Diaper?

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    Default Comfiest Diaper?

    I just want to get some opinions on what you guys all think is the comfiest or softest diaper you have worn.

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    Bambino teddies or Bellsimos, hands down. Abena's, dry 24/7's and classico's are stiff I think.

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    i dunno, i thought the dry 24/7''s were pretty comfy, for me thickness = comfiness O:

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    My comfiest is my Cloth dependeco AIO's and then my Dry24/7's.

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    Bambino has been the most comfy diaper I have worn. The plastic backed Tena Slip Maxi that you can now get in the states is a close second. Comfy padding but just not quite as thick dry.

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    I guess I'm biased, but I got my first adult diapers yesterday and out of the two I got Abena m4's and the tena classic plus (6.50 for a pack! That's cheaper than baby diapers how could I not jump on that?!). The m4's are by far the comfiest things I've ever warn.

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    Bellisimos are quite comfy. The slightly thicker than normal plastic seems to prevent chaffing pretty well too.

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    I found that molicares are the comfiest hands down for me, they feel the softest to me.

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    I would say Teddies or Bellisomos as well. VERY soft.

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