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    I ordered a case of tena slip maxi and I don't care if my parents see it before I do.

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    I took the liberty to see your profile for age, and I guess you can chose your own destiny concerning diapers and wearing them. I hope this won't be a problem for you parents however. Even at age 23 or 24, you're still living under their roof and thus by their rules. I'm not sure my mom would have ever accepted it. My solution was to move out and get my own place. I did use my diapers, however, as it's how I realize infantilism, but to each their own!

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    I do have my own apartment I could not get it sent to my PO box it's a hassle cuz I'm never home when it arrives so i have to go the ups warehouse it's just easier this way and I go to my parents house to do laundry anyway

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    :I I say it's not that bad but... seriously.

    Shit was weird for a few days. Way weird.

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