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Thread: Adult-Looking Onesies

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    Default Adult-Looking Onesies

    I apologize if this ground has already been covered, it doesn't look to me like it was covered recently. I also posted this on Reddit, but am truly curious, so here it is:

    To prevent tl;dr the short of it is that I am looking for stylish but non-AB onesies that would be suitable for wearing around a significant other who doesn't mind me wearing diapers around her, but doesn't necessarily want it announced (I'd wear them with pants/shorts). I'd like to feel at least somewhat stylish, or at least like I'm not wearing something you'd find on a bargain rack. I'm a male, average/athletic build (more average right now), around 5'10".

    Privatina looks be really stylish, but also expensive -- if anyone has their stuff, I'd be interested in their craftsmanship/quality.

    Are there any other places worth looking at?

    While I'm at it, any suggestions on diapers to wear in this type of situation?

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    Baby kins out of Canada has them. I have 5 and I wear that over a diaper around the house. They're perfect for what you need.

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    Fetware Products Superior Incontinence Protection | Buy from Fetware Products, Llc. has them in soild colors. They come in White, Blue, and Pink. I have 4 of them and they can be worn anywhere you like. The white and blue ones look like
    normal tee shirts. The pink one is a little more girly if you want that look. I have pink and blue no white. When out and about I do wear a shirt over them.

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    I'd be interested to find out as well. I remember seeing a polo style onesie but cant remember where. The shirt one mentioned above looks ok but I'd want something a little nicer when I'm out and about. However it would make a great undershirt to wear something over the top of.

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    Default has several varieties, I've gotten them in solid colors, white, blue, yellow, and a couple of baby prints. They also have pink, which i've never ordered, but the rest of them seem to be alright. they look like regular tees. About my only regret is the label, i've found i've had to cut them out for daily use

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    There are these. Bodysuits for Men
    But I'm not sure how well they work with diapers as they don't appear to be designed for use with them.

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    i've got a privatina onesie and its fine, well made and comfortable.

    The abena bodystockings are cheap and non-ABish as well so great for wearing out and about under normal clothes.

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    privatina seems to be the thing people default to, they're also really non-abdl as well so there's stuff there for both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cm90210 View Post
    There are these. Bodysuits for Men
    But I'm not sure how well they work with diapers as they don't appear to be designed for use with them.
    I looked at the site and they said their reg body suits have snaps at the bottom. I'm with you though that they might not work well with diapers.
    Somebody might try one with a disposable but I don't think they would work with cloth and plastic pants.

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    I'd second the suggestion for the Fetware onesies. They look like normal t-shirts, are made of good quality material, are comfy to wear for a long period of time and are reasonably priced.

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