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Thread: Finally got some ATN's!

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    Smile Finally got some ATN's!

    Well, I finally grew a pair and ordered some ATN's through amazon from north shore care...They came with the peach core and I ordered the small since I have a 29.5 inch waist, If you want them to be concealed and you have a waist like mine (I'm only 142 lbs) you can get and fit the small however for comfort I'd recommend the medium if you don't care about being in public in them.I have only used one of them to see how much they can hold but I only wet a little, I am wearing one now and will hopefully be able to fill it a little more this time, if not maybe when I go on a roadtrip this summer.All in all these diapers are awesome!

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    Wish I had some. I'm so broke.

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    Good for you! I like that brand to, except I ordered though "Princeable Business"on amazon. I bought four packs of 18 of the over nites . The only thing I didnt like is that the packaging said something like '4 mediums 18 packs of 4 '.

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    I can get these from my local medical supply store. I've tried them in various sizes. I like the ATN in medium and I have tried the Slimline and Select in small as well, because I like that they fit well and are low rise enough to not show above my pant line. However, the select does not have standing guards the leg cuffs are sufficient to eliminate leaks and they hold well for an inexpensive brief (cheaper than Depend and better quality). I think I pay like a dollar more than what north shore sells them for and I don't have to pay shipping. It only took a few times buying to get over the "I hope they don't think I'm weird" feeling. But you'd get that feeling if you had a sock fetish and were buying socks.

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    Just an update I noticed with pants on that the crinkle is so low that rubbing your palms together is more noisy and these rise more in the front than the back and also they have no noticeable bulge in front or back with pants on, also they can hold like 3-5 wettings as far as I am concerned. I did a test and they held a 16 oz. bottle of water (used a mountain dew bottle with tap water) all in all they are good for the money and I'd have to recommend them! Oh, and you almost forget about having one on after 30-40 minutes!

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