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Thread: Would you buy/wear 20 year old diapers?

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    Default Would you buy/wear 20 year old diapers?

    I was browsing eBay and I found that someone is selling the same kind of diapers that my trigger wore. (link fixed!) Even though money is tight, I'm seriously mulling putting in a bid for them so I can live a life I wish I had. I do have a few questions:

    1: Would I be crazy to open up a 20 year old package of diapers?
    2: Would they feel the same as they did when new?
    3: Has anyone here done what I propose in wearing old diapers just because?
    4: Some of you probably wore Promise before Tena bought them out so I wonder if they were good enough to justify spending the money on them or am I just buying the name?
    5: Is anything today a good substitute?

    This is awkward, but thanks!
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    I assume there's something wrong with the link as I get a page about a 'PATRON Tequila Casual Lounge Cigar SHIRT 100% Cotton'

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    1. No.
    2. If they're that old, the SAP might be a little crumbly. That's what I think, anyway.
    3. I've bought a six year old pack from the thrift store, only because they were cheap and I needed them.
    4. Never heard of Promise, but if you're tight on cash, why not go to the drugstore and get cheaper ones?
    5. Tena is good, but I couldn't compare it to Promise since I've never had it.

    Why is it awkward?

    Btw, why is there a link to a Patron Tequila Casual Lounge Cigar shirt in your post?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strontium View Post
    I assume there's something wrong with the link as I get a page about a 'PATRON Tequila Casual Lounge Cigar SHIRT 100% Cotton'
    Somethings wrong with the link. I got the same thing.

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    i doubt they'd have much SAP in them, if any, but the biggest issues will be mould and possibly the partial breakdown of the materials.

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    Darn. I so screwed that link up. The actual item in question is a package of medium Promise diapers; I knew the trigger wore because I remember the boxes in the recycling saying so. They look good and comfy for something old I will say.

    Was the interior supposed to be blue though?

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    I don't know. Those diapers are still 45 years younger than I am, and I'm fairly absorbent. If the package is completely sealed, they might be okay. Short of that, they're mostly collector's items.

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    Fuck yea do it up! I often use diapers 8 years old just because I love how much more absorbent they are and the cute designs.

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