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Thread: Do any of you have a glass eye?

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    Default Do any of you have a glass eye?

    I know it's wishful thinking, but if you do, do you take it out and scare people?

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    My 10th grade communications (English) teacher did and I never knew it until my senior year of high school. So no cool stories but plenty of memories that would change if I had known she had a glass eye.

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    You must be very disappointed. ]:

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    no glass eye and no experiences that i can remember.
    the nearest thing was a teenage girl i once new who had full dentures (never found out why) and only her close family knew; one day, as a group of us sat in a pub, somebody made a comical remark and as she burst out laughing, her teeth flew out and into her beer. cue, shocked pause, then riotous laughter all round.

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    I have two glass eyes, so I have to make sure I'm wearing my glasses when I drive our Jeep.

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    Reminds me of an old song:

    After the ball was over
    Jimmy took out his glass eye
    Put his false teeth in a water glass
    Put his toupee on a shelf in the bath
    Put his wooden leg in the corner
    Hung his wax ear on the wall
    There was not left of Jimmy
    After the ball

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    I once worked with a guy back in the late 70's who had a glass eye. He lost an eye in a industrial accident working at a grain elevator where I worked. He was operating a winch
    moving a river barge when a cable snapped. He lost one eye and had a glass one put in. He got a huge settlement and a lifetime job out of the accident. I knew that he took his
    eye out at times but he told me he only did it at home.

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    A few years ago, I worked with a guy that had one. And he liked to scare the crap out of people with it. Once, when someone wanted him to watch something, he said "No problem, I'll keep an eye on it." As you can probably imagine, he took his eye out and put it onto whatever needed to be watched. (Sorry, I don't remember what it was.) He would also take it out and use it to 'look' around the corner to see if anyone was coming.

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