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    I never really appreciated living with my mom enough. I could wear whenever I wanted at her house. (Really my uncles, but details) I'm currently having to stay at my dads house till the first week of June when I can move into my apartment. Im sleeping on the living room couch and there are always people at the house. Ive not had the chance to wear for about a month now and its starting to get to the point where I feel like I "need" to wear. Ugh. I thikk ill spend the first week at my apartment in diapers, if not the rest of the year.
    (Sorry for poor grammar and punctuation, I'm on a phone. :P)

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    Well, if it makes you feel better:
    I havenīt been close to a diaper for about... uuuhhh... 4 or 5 months.
    Show some condolence! :p

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    Yes, I was going to say, we've all been there. Sometimes my kids come home to visit and then I must sustain. My mother in law will come and stay all summer, and then I have to find ways to wear and not be seen. Sometimes these situations just suck. There's no better word for it.

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