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    Default Hello from an old newbie

    My name is Brick, not my real name, but I kind like it short and simple.

    I've been on again off again active since I was about 9, mostly makeshift diapering until I put the story together with online research; finding others like me existed, mainly DL with light AB tendencies.

    I have done a lot of soul searching through this issue, trying to make sense. Part of me enjoys a soft bulky diaper to fall asleep in and wake up in to use. I experience complete stress reduction followed by a day of tranquility. Mostly though, I might journal through the desire without wearing or using, connecting the dots psychologically, looking for patterns, ways to grow though it. yes, i'm kind of analytical. Looking for balance. Several people including my wife and a few close friends know about my ab side, I've not connected with other abdl'ers

    I would like to think being a part of a community, I'll find a few others who think like me and I wont be alone with this and maybe I can give back too by listening, accepting and sharing from my own experience.

    I grew up in the 70s, I love classic vw bugs and own one. i'm actually a pretty quiet and reserved person, i think of myself as an artist type, though not professionally, I like making pottery. I like gardening and outdoors and I love building /making projects.

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    Welcome aboard, good intro. You're a bit like me, I enjoyed the thought of diapers as a child but didn't understand why until my adolescence when I learned what a fetish was.

    I also enjoy Volkswagens and my family owns a few. There's a VW owners' group here on adisc you might like to join.

    You'll find plenty of friendly supportive people here. After all, that's what we're here for. We're all on this crazy journey together!

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    Thank you for the warm welcome.

    Looking forward to finding my way around.

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