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    i have been into this since i heard the word nappy roll off a girls tongue when i went to secondary school, for some reason i pictured her wearing a nappy and thought the idea was very cute.

    ever since, i have wanted an adult baby girl to show love and affection to and it's a huge gap in my life that is missing.

    last year i was seeing a girl who constantly hinted that she was into it but i ignored her hints as i didn't think anyone else actually shared my unusual interest. until we stopped seeing each other, that's when i gave her hints some thought, started to research and realized how common it is. ironically i think that was the main reason she left me because now i couldn't have a relationship with a girl who isn't into it or at least open to try it.

    besides that, i like quentin tarantino films, a huge variety of music and reading. i don't watch much tv but utopia on channel 4 was awesome, if you haven't seen it i recommend you watch it on 4od. i have 4 friends, i see most people as acquaintances...

    i'm looking for a baby girl but i'll talk to anyone, provided they are nice.

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    Aww you sound really cute . I am in a similar situation where I was in a relationship and diapers were "hinted" but were never introduced in the relationship. Fast forward months later and I have come to find out the girl I fell madly in love with LIKES DIAPERS AS WELL. I couldn't believe the irony in the situation. We are not together currently but I do not rule anything out...I am young (23) so I there's still time to figure things out and hopefully get her back. As for you my friend my advice would be to put yourself out there on forums and websites (not revealing your identity) but more so gaining confidence and understanding the diaper culture and society better. If you want a baby girl to talk too I would love to chat, send me a PM

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    i have to level up before i can send pms aha but i will when i can, thanks for your response

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    Hello there.

    Interested to know where abouts you live in UK? Received a friend request and realised you were of similar age


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    hi and welcome,

    I cannot offer you the same as HOTWH33LS, but I just wanted to give you a very warm welcome anyway.

    who is your current favourite Author?

    I haven't seen utopia I don't think, I am more into crime/detective series such as CSI, (Vegas and Miami) The Following and Elementary.

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    hunter s thompson

    i'm currently reading the rum diary, fear and loathing in las vegas is a great book but i was disappointed with the film. certainly not johnny depp's best film, blow is his best film imo.

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