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Thread: Will all major adult diapers go cloth backed in the near future?

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    Default Will all major adult diapers go cloth backed in the near future?

    I'm really starting to feel like I missed the party (then again I always do socially) with having an abundance of plastic-backed diapers to choose from, I've started to notice dwindling supplies in the thrift stores that are supplanted by more and more cloth-backed being offered. I have a feeling the few remaining manufacturers of P-B diapers will eventually come up with some justification for jumping on the cloth-backed bandwagon, then it will become almost mandatory to wear a set of plastic pants with 'sposies, as I'm already starting to look into now since every time I don't wear a plastic-backed diaper, it leaks badly after a 2nd moderate wetting.

    Does anyone think consumer demand would ever be enough to hold the switch at bay, or will we be at the mercy of a niche marketing monopoly who may decide the traffic will bear $6 per diaper or higher?

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    My guess is most will be cloth like in coming years. I think many non abdl customers believe cloth backed are more discreet. Outside of the abdl fetish driven diapers most will end up with cloth as more aged population drives demand for the diaper market.

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    its also a green movement thing too although cloth back diapers are just as bad for the environment as they have plastic underneath the cloth back. as far as discreetness, I have worn some cloth backed diapers that are far more noisy than some plastic backed ones.

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    Cloth-backed does seem pretty inevitable. The plastic AB/DL diapers might stick around for a bit longer, but almost all of the disposable adult diapers come from the same handful of Chinese companies, and so it's the larger non-AB/DL diaper market that Rules Them All.

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    I think the answer depends on three questions:

    (1) Is there a significant number of incontinent adults who prefer tape-on, plastic-backed diapers?

    My impression is that most incontinent adults who are physically active prefer pull-on briefs. The primary market for tape-on adult diapers is for adults who are confined to bed or who have trouble getting to the bathroom without help. These people (and their caretakers) are quite reasonably concerned about the health of their skin, and disposables with breathable covers are advertised as healthier for the skin.

    Of course there are physically active adults who wear tape-on diapers, and some of them like their diapers plastic-backed. The question is, how large is this minority?

    (2) How significant are economies of scale in adult diaper production?

    There aren't a lot of AB/DLs, and only a small percentage of us wear 24/7 or even daily. Is it profitable to keep a disposable diaper manufacturing line open if the market for it is small?

    Even though there aren't many adults who wear cloth diapers, there are lots of cloth diapers and diaper covers available for adults. These include a lot of products that only appeal to AB/DLs (e.g. diapers and plastic pants with baby prints). This is possible because the economies of scale aren't very significant. It's possible for a business to make a profit on small-scale production of cloth diapers and diaper covers for adults.

    (3) Will demand for plastic-backed diapers among AB/DLs keep up?

    Probably most AB/DLs of my generation will always prefer plastic-backed disposables. But most brands of baby diapers have cloth-like backings now. (Right?) Given that, we can expect an increasing number of young AB/DLs to prefer diapers with breathable covers.

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    I don't know because there are definitely companies that totally cater to ABDLs that make their own diapers. They'll at least make plastic backed options for us. Currently I am thinking Bambino diapers and ABU make diapers specifically for AB's with cutesy cartoon designs, etc. Maybe there are other places but I currently know of those two. Oh and maybe Cuddlez?

    I think if there is some kind of demand, there will be some kind of seller. I haven't noticed a decline in AB's since I've become one. Only an increase as far as I can tell. Why would anyone miss out on money? If Bambino and ABU and Cuddlez stop selling, someone will take their place. I can actually only imagine more places cropping up over the years that design diapers and clothes specifically for adult babies. And adult babies seem to usually prefer plastic backed crinkly diapers.

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    In my country, it's already done.
    All major diapers are cloth-like except only 1 product is plastic backed.
    Yes, they are breathable well. Yes, comfortable very much.
    But we don't have much choice.

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    Hopefully SOONER than later...

    I much PREFER the cloth backed versions for a multitude of reasons.
    so much more comfy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EPO1 View Post
    Hopefully SOONER than later...

    I much PREFER the cloth backed versions for a multitude of reasons.
    so much more comfy.
    Cool, someone else who agrees with me .

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    I think the major health care providers will have large voice in this with the manufacture's. To get there costs per diaper down. Also the costs of the raw materials will enter into
    it. There will be some of the smaller manufacture's that will still make them. I know that Dry Care markets theirs as a diaper that can be used for up to 12 hrs in a day.
    I use them which is Dry24/7's, but I only wear one about 7 hrs a day. My guess is that the nursing homes probably change paitent's diapers every 2 to 3 hrs. For the AB/DL
    community there's not really alot of 24/7 users that wear for need. Also most AB/DL's prefer the baby printed diapers.

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