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Thread: Pacifier Sucker

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    Default Pacifier Sucker

    I found this at.dollar general! how awesome is that!?

    It's not that sour and tastes really good!!

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    "So sour you'll cry" haha! Cute idea. I would be probably too shy to get those at the dollar store. I'd buy it like men buy dirty magazines. "I need bread and milk and... this pacifier candy which isn't even for me but my kid, I swear."

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    I love it! I am gonna get some more too... The one I got is watermelon I think!

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    How about having some of these around, in case someone who doesn't know about your pacifier use, walks in and catches you. You could quickly switch and maybe avoid an awkward situation. See this thread for an example.

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    Looks like it would go well with Baby Bottle Pop.
    I'll have to keep an eye out for these at the dollar stores near me.

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    I'd be sad when it was gone lol, because the shield would be the only thing left and I would feel like those mean Baby reborn people who cut them up. But overall, I want one.

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    i tried one of those once. it was waay too sour for me, so i threw it away, and sucked on my real paci.

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