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Thread: Girlfriends reaction

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    I've been with my girlfriend for 3 years now and I haven't told her that I like diapers and don't think she knows about them either. She did find one in my work bag along time ago but I think I was quick enough to stop her seeing it and nothing was ever said. Anyway I'm thinking about telling her about them but was wondering what reactions others have had after telling their partners about it. Like when you have rows and the like. Do they bring up the fact that you like to wear nappies in a negative way and blame them for problems that aren't linked to wearing nappies.
    Hope you can help

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    I've been with my girlfriend for 4 years, I told her about 3 years ago. Her reaction was good, she doesn't have a problem with it, she only says she doesn't get it. Needless to say she isn't interested in participating in any way.
    Overall it was a great reaction from her part and she has never brought it up as something negative, only as a commodity

    So I recommend that you tell her, it's better if she finds out now and not when you're married (?).

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    I agree that if you plan on being with her for a very long time, its important she knows up front because eventually she will find out if you do end up living together or being together for years, and honestly sometimes even first reactions can't be trusted. My gf (now wife) reacted great the first time and she didnt get it either... but she made the mistake of thinking that all of this was just a "phase" and it lead to problems in our marriage... let me put it to you this way, every year we come to new understandings and fight less about it.... Key words: FIGHT LESS... meaning me and her from time to time still have disputes about my little self... most days shes completely fine with it but there are days where she wishes it would go away completely... make sure that if you're gonna tell your gf that she understand this is part of who you are whether its sexual/emotional/lifestyle/fetish/kink, WHATEVER

    Rule #1 in life : you cant change who you are and you shouldn't because you are beautiful <3
    Rule #2 : Kinks and fetishes NEVER GO AWAY, you can ignore them or suppress them but they will always be there >.<

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    I am married and told my wife after 3 years of being married and she is total cool with it.

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    I personally can't give any real help but I can point you to a very well respected post on here called 'How to Tell Your Partner about Your AB/DLism'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strontium View Post
    I personally can't give any real help but I can point you to a very well respected post on here called 'How to Tell Your Partner about Your AB/DLism'
    I was about to shamelessly reference Beta's thread but I see that Strontium had already recommended it. I showed her reference you made Strontium, she was humbled by it.

    @DampDriver, if you have any questions for Beta or me feel free to ask in either in her thread or PM's to us. She's really busy though but I tell her whenever she gets new posts on that thread.

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    I was terrified to tell my husband about it, but he was really accepting. In the beginning he didn't really bring it up but did say that he 'didn't get it' a lot. But now that its about it a year since I told him he's better about it, even makes sure I have my paci every night before bed He's only seen me in diapers a couple of times, but he didn't seem too weird about it even the first time. Just take it slow, dont show too much of your AB side at once, give her a chance to adjust to it.

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    Never went bad until the break up oh god the rumors fuck that shit. 5 times 2 cities 2 schools. Lots of damage control.

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    Recently shared my love for diapers with my wife of almost a year and she was great about it. Sometimes she will even wear one around the house with me. She has no desire to use one or be seen in public but she tries. Just take it slowly with your partner and don't push anything on to them.

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    Thanks for all the advice you've given.
    She is defiantly the person I want to spend the rest of my life with this is why I feel I should tell her about this side of me.
    How did you find the right time to tell your partners as we've nearly always got something happening that I don't want to spoil by telling her.
    I am only a DL so hopefully it should be a lot easier to explain then the whole AB side of things.
    When it all comes out in the open what have your partners been like when your wearing around them. Do they tend to keep their distance a bit or are they still the same as we both enjoy cuddling up on the sofa and in bed and have a very touchy feely kind of relationship which I would hate to change.
    Sorry for all the ramblings it's just I've got so many thoughts going on in my head.

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