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    Awhile back I was going to order online, but with some poor planning on my part it fell through and I have had pampers baby dry's since. There just not cutting it anymore. When I first started getting them I wasn't fully through puberty and probably 30 pounds lighter. The only time working out is a disadvantage! Anywho, I'm thinking of ordering from I have some gift cards from my birthday so no orders will show up on my debit card because my parents still have access to it. I'm going to get a pull up/chin up/all purpose work out bar from there and the price actually is pretty decent so that's going to be my cover for getting a package. Inside it though will have a 14 back of M4's. I have friday off of school because of prom so if I do overnight shipping on thursday morning when I get up for school at 6:30, In theory I should have my package by friday and since I don't have school I can camp around and get the package before anyone else. The search bar came back with a few other people that have ordered from them, but they are quite a few years old. Has anyone ordered from them recently? Are they somewhat discreet? By that I mean a plain brown box would be ideal, but if it just has their logo it would be cool too. I just don't want "thanks for the diapers" on the front if you guys catch my drift. From this plan do you guys think I can be successful? I'm really hoping I can make this work and I prefer not to get caught. lol

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    A place like that will probably have their name on the outside of the box with no mention of the interior contents. Drug companies are supposed to keep patient info confidential (HIPAA in N. America). If in doubt, I see there is a "Contact Us" section under support where you can e-mail them. My only caution is that there is usually a packing slip inside with the contents of the box on it, so don't throw away the bow without making sure the slip is destroyed some other way. Have a shredder? Matches?

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