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Thread: How Bad Is Weed?

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    Question How Bad Is Weed?

    I kow people say its bad for you but is it really as bad as they say it is? I was willing to try some if its not that bad. I want the trouth not what your parents tell you.

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    Not bad look up. Is weed bad for you on Google.

    BTW you can not od on it normally.

    Read the rest of the thread. People.
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    It affects people differently, also depends on the type of weed and amount of potency (the more it smells, the more it's probably "good," is my understanding)

    I smoked a little for a bit

    then I smoked what I did for a week and much more in one night:

    My body stopped functioning....Except my legs would float in the air and start rotating one way, then the other. I couldn't stop it. I'd have siezures. I woke up the next day feeling horrible, I couldn't walk even hours later.

    2nd major experience: I hellucinated and saw things on my television screen.

    It seems fun when you start. But it gets out of hand really fast. No physical addiction, bt there is a mental one. Do it enough and it'll consume your thoughts, even to the point of where you may be semi-suicidal for doing it in the first place.

    Or if your like my friends: Your life revovles around it. You don't sleep. You don't eat, you don't wake up, go to class, work, etc, etc, unless your stoned. ANYONE WHO SAYS YOU CAN'T GET DEPENDENT ON IT IS LIEING.

    I wish I never did it. It opened a doorway to more things like LSD and Xtasy. Combined, I still sometimes see things that aren't there. If you have to do anything, yes weed would be the less of all evils.

    But it is illegal, and eventually you will be caught. Or, karma will strike. I dont' believe pot smoking is good karma, feels good now, but eventually be it days or years, you will regret it.

    Do not start.

    It's not, in my mind, as bad as cigerettes and even drinking. But SMOKE IN YOUR LUNGS = BAD.

    If you want lung cancer, then by all means do it

    Also: You CAN stone yourself stupid. Enough of it will make your brain waves change, I find I am having severe memory loss lately, and I can say before weed I remembered a lot more.

    Beyond that, no one has died from it, you can't OD

    It isn't the worse thing to do.

    But I would advise strongly against it. It's something you can't understand until it happens. Like being a DL, no one can understand totally unless they have gone though it.

    But if your choice is diapers or weed: Choose diapers.

    I beg you....

    Weed has destroyed my life and many others

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    It will destroy your cognitive function if you smoke weed over a long period of time. (A decade of weed smoking approx.)

    It's not as addictive as other drugs. If you can't get it, you eat, you sleep, forget about it. And you try the next day. Maybe. Social addiction is possible however. It is to a slight extent physical too.

    If mixed with tobacco, it can also cause lung cancer.

    Balance the facts and make your choice. I'm not condemning it, but think before you try.

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    I'd recommend that you don't start taking any drug, but I do believe what people say about weed (especially in America) is exaggerated.

    Smoking it in large quantities over a long period of time is not good. And weed has been shown to make people more paranoid and in some cases leads to schizophrenia (not very common though).

    With that said, I don't think there's anything wrong with the odd joint every now and then. I think of it the same way as I do alcohol: harmful if you have too much or don't know your limits, but enjoyable if enjoyed responsibly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digital View Post
    It will destroy your cognitive function if you smoke weed over a long period of time. (A decade of weed smoking approx.)

    It's not as addictive as other drugs. If you can't get it, you eat, you sleep, forget about it. And you try the next day. Maybe. Social addiction is possible however. It is to a slight extent physical too.

    If mixed with tobacco, it can also cause lung cancer.

    Balance the facts and make your choice. I'm not condemning it, but think before you try.
    Not all true!!
    Marijuana is one of the least harmfull drugs. Keep in mind there are more addicting and potentially harmfull drugs in stuff that people consume everyday. Just a partial list: Coffee, tea, caffinated pop and chocolate all have caffeine which is physically addicting, and potentially fatal in high doses, and these are all legal. Governments allow pop companies to add it to pop, and pop is marketed to children.
    You do not have to mix tobbacco with weed to get lung cancer, it does not matter what you smoke. It's the smoke that has the carcinogens in it and smoking weed alone may do it. If you don't want to run the risk of getting lung cancer, then don't smoke anything. There are many ways to consume weed without the smoke like, vaporizers and baked goods or just eat it.
    Gateway to hard drugs? Only if you want it to be, there is no reason why a person can't just only consume marijuana on occasion and not do other drugs.
    I think my cognative functions are still working well even at this time of the morning, and I've only had half a coffee so far, so, so much for the first quoted statement. Totally false!!
    If you sit around smoking weed all day, you will not be productive, but that is true with any drug.
    Most of the problems attributed to drug use are the result of prohibition, and the war on drugs. With any type of war there will be collateral damage, only with this war, the damage is on your own citizens. Demand Peace!!!!
    If weed were legal, it would have a value similar to many other agricultural products, since it is quite easy to grow.
    I am not encouraging you to decide one way or the other, thats up to you. Think for yourself, Do not believe any one source of info, collect info from many sources, and use it to form an informed opinion that is right for you.
    If you have questions feel free to contact me.

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    Butterfly Mage


    While marijuana does have some legitimate applications (treating glaucoma and chemo-related appetite loss), the main problem I see with the drug is that it is completely unregulated and has no quality control. For instance, there is nothing stopping a drug dealer from "augmenting" a batch of weed with PCP or other more dangerous drugs (and that kind of thing happens all the time!) If marijuana was regulated by the FDA and taxed like cigarettes, the government would have a tidy source of income overnight.

    That said, abuse of marijuana does seem to radically reduce the user's cognitive capabilities. There's a huge difference between someone who smokes pot a few times a year recreationally and the person who lights up every single day. Put simply, the latter type of user becomes a lazy, giggling, non-working fool that never moves out of his parents' basement. The daily user is someone who loses the ability to plan more than a week ahead and can't remember anything that happened more than a week ago. They live their life in a haze. People in their early 20s shout NOT find Teletubbies to be intellectually-stimulating entertainment!

    So... as someone who works in law enforcement , I can say that the *occasional* user doesn't seemed to be significantly harmed by marijuana use, but the daily user is someone whose life basically goes nowhere -- ever. They just stop progressing. Seeing 40-year-olds who still act like their 15 is just downright irritating after a while.

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    I have a friend who smokes it, and most off his friends do. He tried to get me to just try a cigarett, and i just refused. They were going on and on trying to borrow money to go get more...and off course, in denial they are addicted.

    Don't start it, or your bank will go down to 0

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    Sorry Mage, but that seems to be a lot of stereotypical propaganda.
    Quality control? Don't buy from a dealer, grow your own!! You'll save loads of cash.
    Don't let the bottom of the barrel define your opinion. Many people who use regularly are very successfull, families, businesses, etc. They just don't advertise because law enforcement is very narrow minded, and does not have much contact with successfull people. Law enforcement personell always has to deal with the worst of society, and that colours opinion on the subject.
    If a person is lazy and sits around their parents basement, it very likely is not because of marijuana use, that person would be lazy even without pot.

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    It's just the most awful thing ever. I saw on the TV that if I smoke it i'll think I can fly and i'll go jump out a window and then my parents will cry at the funeral and go "IF ONLY HE NEVER TRIED WEED! OH WHYYYYYY?????????????????????????"

    Plus if it was ever decriminalized and properly taxed, it would not only drive many inmates out of prison, but would also make the government a lot of money with which they could pay off debt or fund other things, not to mention the money saved with the "Evil Drug Dealers(tm)" and their hippy marijuana no longer in the prisons.

    But we can't have that. High debt and a massive prison population is absolutely necessary for the U.S.A. It's worked so good this far...... hasn't it?...... right?.......anyone?.......

    April 20th needs to be made into a holiday.

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